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Jun 9, 2014 12:43 PM

St. Augustine - need some updated info please

I have looked at the discussions and it looks like most everything is several years old. Has anyone had any recent experience with restaurants in St. Augustine? We have a well behaved 10 year old, so we're not really looking for fancy. Last time we were there, we loved Columbia. Casual is good, but upscale casual is fine too. Any suggestions, anyone? I have my eye on Columbia, A1A Ale House, O'Steen's, and maybe Cap's on the Water. Am I on the right track?

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    1. re: Wakeley Bridge

      What have you eaten at the Floridian that you would recommend?

      1. re: susantrader

        Fried green tomato bruschetta, cornbread panzanella,
        shrimp n grits

        1. re: Wakeley Bridge

          Oh mah gawd that sounds fantastic. Shrimp n grits is my most favorite food of all time, closely followed by fried green tomatoes. I'm not southern at all...LOL. Thanks!

      2. re: Wakeley Bridge


        I didn't ask you (in particular), but I do have to thank you. :)

        I sent my friends a gift card to this place from your simple statement. They ate lunch and raved to me.

        Both had a cup of butternut squash soup to start, a drink. My friend got the Floridian Bahn Mi with chicken and her dh got Not Your Mamma's meatloaf Ciabiatta. They ended by splitting a cupcake.

        I love reading the chows and knowing that I can count on them for good food. :)

        1. re: mcel215

          We "winter" in New Smyrna Beach and drive up to St. Augustine several times each winter to dine at the Floridian. A good friend tipped us off about the place a few years ago and we have loved it ever since our first visit. Glad you liked it!

          1. re: Wakeley Bridge

            We live in St Augustine and The Floridian is one of our favorite places to eat. Also, Beaches in Vilano Beach and Sunset Grill and Mango mango on St Augustine Beach.

      3. I have read nothing about the Floridian. It looks great! Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely check it out. :-) And when I get back, I will post updated info on everything I visit since there isn't much new on this area.

        1. I went to the A1A Ale Works a couple years ago and really liked it. It was probably one of the few memorable food places I've been to in St. Augustine.

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          1. re: eliselaurel

            It certainly has a great location. We're going to take a sail and the dock is right near A1A. That might be a perfect time to try it. Do they take reservations or do you have to wait in line? I couldn't find the answer to that question on their website. What did you like there?

          2. I grew up in St. Aug, a lot of places are kid friendly, i would recommend Salt Water Cowboys, Rain Tree is really good, Sunset grill, The Conch House are all really good places, hope that helps!