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Jun 9, 2014 11:45 AM

Mexico in Three Regrets

Over on CHOW, John Birdsall wrote about three trips to Mexico, and some of the things he ate, but more importantly, some of the things he didn't:

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  1. I don't like that report, it's the exact opposite of what Mexico is really about! Too much emphasis on booze and prices, both of which are collegiate concerns. The idea that it is a party place is wrong, it's one of the most restful countries in the world if you do it right . . . .

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    1. re: bronwen

      Yeah, I wasn't terribly impressed with the article either Bronwen.

    2. That isn't a CHOW report, it's a drunk-a-log. CHOW should be ashamed of itself.


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      1. re: cristina

        I agree - Chowhound is classier than this!

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          I agree as well - it felt like I was reading a mediocre college student's report on frat party adventures. I guess we are supposed to be smart enough to read between the lines to get the real content (which is...what? don't make the bad choices he did? jump in to food where he feared to tread? I don't know.) But the entire report is an exercise in how to use colorful adjectives to evoke bland stereotypes (did I really read "past machine-gun federales with faces like Mayan temple glyphs"??) while avoiding any meaningful action or content.

        2. Maybe eventually they'll learn that the vast majority of Mexicans, upon learning someone is gay, shrug and move on with their lives, and maybe they don't need to stay in gay-oriented resorts in Mexico. Then they can visit places untouched by American investors from San Francisco.

          In the meantime, there's always Guadalajara... but if they go, they should not limit themselves to the area along Federalísimo that's the WeHo of Mexico, but branch out a little bit--and eat the torta ahogada de pierna from El Güero, on Penitenciaria and Libertad.