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Jun 9, 2014 11:11 AM

Need a VEGAN kosher bakery in Philly please

I know I am early, but I have alredy started plkanning for RH! I expect to have a Vegan guest. I am ok with this, but want her to be happy nd filled. I am looking for a Vegan bakery so I can get her some Challah and possibly a pastery for desert. I am pretty sure I herd of one, but I don't know anything else. HELP!

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  1. I forgot- I also need a veagn kosher pasta please and a hint on a good vegan kosher mayo- thanks:) Thankfully I can get to Whole Foods for these things:)

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      i would think all non egg pastas are vegan like ronzoni. look at the ingredients-eggless pasta is vegan

      1. re: koshergourmetmart

        Thank you so much! YES she will have an entree to eat:) I honestly din't knw about Ronzoni being eggless- never needed to know before:)

      2. I still need veagan mayo please and a bakery in Philly or a link to a vegan bread I can buy at the food store.'

        1. Most of the kosher bakeries in NY sell water challahs, I assumed for those watching cholesterol or with egg allergies. ask where you usually shop. And just about all brands of regular pasta are egg free, but you should check the ingredients.

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            I reallly could care less about NY bakeries to be honest. I live in PHILADELPHIIA and although I try to be a kjind jisyess I will nbot drive hgours or take the bus to get a challah fpr a guest I don't really know. Thanks for the top on a water challah didnt know they are egg free but this isnt a diet issue it is a belieft issue. Sjhe chposes to be veagan and I choose to respect that.

            1. re: ThePrettypoodle

              I am not familiar with specific bakeries in Philadelphia, but I am sure many of them sell water challah that is eggless and therefore vegan. Just call and ask! It may be harder to find kosher vegan pastries, although Whole Foods has simple things like cookies.

              1. re: ThePrettypoodle

                Susiejane wasn't telling you to go to NYC. The point was that such a large percentage of kosher bakeries here do water challah that it would stand to reason that bakeries in Philly would also make them, possibly by special request (see "Ask where you usually shop").

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                  in terms of vegan mayo I googled those words and here are some choices

                  you know Pretty Poodle you can do that as well. as for kosher vegan pasta you can look at the ingredients on a box of pasta same as me.

                  1. re: ThePrettypoodle

                    susiejane is not telling you to get on a bus and to travel to NY to buy challah. In her answer, she has pointed in you in the direction in terms of asking your local bakery. for egg free challah and she is telling you why in NYC there may be an abundance of egg free challah available there. You may be able to get some shipped to you a Place in Teaneck may have water challah and pastry to ship to you. Considering you live in Philly, I am surprised you do not know of any vegan bakeries that are kosher.

                  2. re: susiejane

                    Interestingly, water challah is old-fashioned challah. In the old days, just being made from white flour made challah fancy and special Shabbos bread.

                    I am sure that there are people on this board who would be willing to lend you an elderly relative who will go a rant about modern challah and how it is loaded up with so much sugar, and oil, and eggs that it is not REAL challah, modern challah isn't real challah at all, it's CAKE, that's all it is, it's just cake that they call challah. Now, in my day...

                    In Israel, in the early decades, bread was subsidized by the government, as it is in many poor countries today. The subsidized challah was the water challah, you had to pay extra for egg challah. Almost all middle-aged Israelis therefore grew up on water challah - who could afford egg challah? Anyone remember when the bread subsidies stopped?

                    Plenty of people prefer old-fashioned water challah, which I assume is why bakeries sell it. Also, it's cheaper, and if you're rearing a family, the price of fancy challah adds up.

                    1. re: AdinaA

                      My info is out of date, but they were still subsidizing the plain water challahs in Israel about 12 years ago, as well as plain weekday bread (unsliced).

                      The "fancy" egg challahs were significantly more. And definitely tasted like cake in comparison.

                    1. re: uwskosher

                      THANK YOU! I happen to kbow how ti get to each of their locatiuons, even the NJ one, :) Their treats sound lovely and I am rethinking my dessert to maybe be a vegan loaf cake instead of mini non vegan danish.
                      This onformation is just what I was looking for:) Now to find a veagn mayo and I will be set and all my guests will eat:)

                      1. re: ThePrettypoodle

                        My pleasure! Was there a few months ago and their food was really, really good. If we didn't have a new place on the UWS (By The Way), I'd totally order from them and have it shipped here. Enjoy.

                          1. re: uwskosher

                            I read my husband some fo the offerings and he seemed VERY onterested:) THANK YOU!

                            As for not knowing kosher vegan places in Philly- not being vegan- I neerr knew of any bakeries- didnt need to know, just trying to be kind and make sure my guests can and will eat. Now they can:)

                          2. re: ThePrettypoodle

                            Whole foods has vegan mayo. I believe the brand is veganaise

                            1. re: cheesecake17

                              where i am in california, whole foods carried SEVERAL brands of vegan mayonaise.
                              the one that i like the best is shelf stable, therefore is NOT in the refrigerated section, and is called
                              365 ORGANIC VEGAN MAYO

                              dunno if it is kosher or not

                              1. re: westsidegal

                                A lot of the 365 products are kosher. The mayo prob is, but one would need to check

                          3. re: uwskosher

                            Sweet freedom bakery may not be under a suitable certification. You should check with them. They are open on shabbat

                            1. re: koshergourmetmart

                              Thanks for the heads up. I am seeing a trip to Whole Foods in my future.

                          4. Homemade Goodies by Roz is awesome!!

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                            1. re: gogreenley

                              I know she is amazing and her stuff is Parve, gotta check the vegan part but I do know she has a good hecture:) And amazing choc cupcakes:)

                              1. re: ThePrettypoodle

                                Roz's is a water challah, so she can do it vegan without the egg wash. She also does a great vegan chocolate cupcake.

                                1. re: Bride of the Juggler

                                  I really did think I would make my own challah, but it is so tempting to get one along with cupcakes for all:) YUM! Thanks for the winderful tip- thpugh the cupcakes, though amazing, do change my menu a tiny bit, but I can make it work:) THANKS!