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Jun 9, 2014 10:31 AM

Honeymoon kick off in HK! Need an amazing meal

We are starting our honeymoon in Hong Kong in about 2.5 weeks before we head to a secluded tropical island. We have the first night to ourselves for a meal before we get hounded by family. Looking for something delicious (of course). As for vibe, I would almost prefer something that is not dead silent but quality of food is obviously more important.

Please send suggestions on any extraordinary and decadent meals you've had in Hong Kong. We're having Cantonese/Chinese meals for most of the trip with family so I'm looking for something Western or Japanese. Considered Catalunya, Cafe Grey Deluxe, Sushi Kuu (but heard some of these are overhyped).

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions or any comments to clear up the hype on the above.

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  1. Well the hot table in town is "Aberdeen Street Social” it's very buzzy and will be refined food - I have not tried the restaurant so can't recommend the food and have my doubts about it based on previous meals at the chefs restaurants.

    Catalunya is good and is buzzy - they are celebrating their first anniversary so nay still be doing specials. Cafe Gray is a better bar than restaurant, and good sushi is so expensive in HK I can't comment as I don't bother.

    Refined places like Amber, Caprice and Mandarin Grill will deliver great refined food but in rather refined atmospheres. Principle is very good but again can refined and quite as tabled are spread out.

    I think the challenge in HK is trying to combine a buzzy atmosphere with great food. The crowds tend to follow the trends rather than the food. Sorry not the most helpful reply.

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      Thanks for the tips! Just booked Aberdeen Street Social. It definitely looks like more fun. We did Tin Lung Heen last year and although food was decent, the vibe was a little stuffy for us so I think either Catalunya or Aberdeen Street Social should be great.

    2. A dinner at the Michelin 2* Ryugin ( branch of the 3* Tokyo flag ship ) atop of the ICC should fit your bill for a unique, romantic, decadent and yummy dinner! Book ahead for a window side table and prepare to be vowed by the fantastic view and the amazing Omakase meal. Don't forget there's a harbor laser show at 8.00 pm every night!

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        My guess is if they are on their honeymoon they have been vowed enough.

        1. re: Charles Yu

          i just tried ryugin last week in hk, and it was not worth mentioning, i have tried ryugin 4-5 years ago at tokyo
          and this pales in comparison.

          portion are too small for the whole course, as a whole ingredient quality not as good as tokyo. service staff not very knowledgeable about the cooking techniques or describing the dish well. also each dish tasted like the menu(which looks very unimpressive to me)

          1st dish starter was very boring with somen and caviar . think angel hair with caviar, this pales very far in comparison to the dish i had in tokyo years back, with potato + ankimo , karasumi + daikon( both incredible )

          -2nd dish , chawanmushi squid ink with squid. egg custard was too shallow in the dish , so it does not feel satisfying when eating the custard, when you scoop with the spoon it only reaches around half of the spoon scoop. the taste wasnt too bad, but the slices of squid on top of the custard . was not very incorporated into the dish, again this was a dish that could be done very well, knowing how ryugin cooks their chawanmushi, from my memory their uni chawanmushi was incredible (tokyo)

          - salad with some hokkigai , grapefruit sorbet?
          not working well together with the grapefruit sorbet as sauce.

          - soup, grilled kinki with eggplant and winter melon - ichibandashi soup quality was ok , considered well executed in the restaurant standards. fish was a little overcooked

          - sashimi - not very good. 4 diff kinds, hirame, maguro toro, negitoro(sliced in blocks?) and i think scallop with uni or something( i forgot) , quality was rather normal for upscale restaurants . but nowhere near the quality in japan

          - yuba grilled corn shrimp dumpling, corn was sweet(again this was normal considering the upscale restaurant factor, and tomorokoshi is usually sweet) yuba was good quality. dish average in terms of execution and taste was slightly above average.

          -main dish, another boring dish, sukiyaki , a4 beef with onsen tamago, boring, totally well expected and tasted like it is on the menu. no suprises here

          - ezo abalone ( taste was not very intense, or average for me , good size ) shiitake mushroom rice, rice was good quality, but shiitake mushroom taste was rather normal to me. tsukemono was bad, sliced cucumbers with some jelly sauce(i forgot what it is)

          - strawberry candy, good as i imagined it to be, was mainly here for this, as i did not have it in tokyo last time
          strawberry jam intense, and every component worked very well.

          - almond tofu orange carrot jelly, normal to me , kinda like something you can get from asian dessert stall.

          seriously , i would have headed to la cabane again at night if i knew this would disappoint me( went on the same day afternoon to have some cheese(incredible) and wine )
          i would seriously strike michelin starred western (considering that i had a rather normal lunch at caprice 2 years ago) and japanese restaurants off my list next time when i go to HK.

          1. re: scoopG

            Haha thanks for reminding me scoopG. This time, we're looking for something a tad different. No need for a view :P

            1. re: klyeoh

              Klyeoh - Asia Tatler not H-K Magazine.

              1. re: PhilD

                Yup, realised that much later.

            2. Okay I'm going to overdo it. Now on our list and with reservations:

              Aberdeen Street Social
              Otto e Mezzo

              Need to narrow this down to maybe 2...

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              1. re: waitimgodot

                Though a 3*, the meals I had at Otto e Mezzo were not all that impressive! A 1* may be but no way 3*. Food in some cases tasted pretty good but presentation wise was very pedestrian. Almost like College canteen.

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  you're right. looks tasty but doesn't look like a 3*

                2. re: waitimgodot

                  Catalunya and Aberdeen Street will be buzzy with decent food. I like Catalunya but it is last years thing, Aberdeen Street is the current hot spot (but I can't comment on the food).

                  Amber has the best food, but it is pretty formal and rarified. Its a decent room but tables are very well spaced and possibly a bit sterile.

                  I like eating in the bar at Otto but was less impressed by the restaurant. Its a "suits" place to impress, and seems to me to be more about being seen than eating the food.

                  One other comment - I do think it quite rude to reserve so many places if you have no intention of going to them.

                  1. re: PhilD

                    Thanks for the tips, PhilD. In that case, I will cancel my Catalunya reservation and Otto reservation and do Amber and Aberdeen. Trust me, I also do find it rude to book a bunch of spots and then not show up but in this case, I do plan to cancel the reservations.