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Jun 9, 2014 09:21 AM


any update on this new restaurant in queens?
was supoposed to open in may

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    1. is it open...have you eaten there?

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      1. They opened last night. Did anyone try it? We have high hopes. How many days should I give them to settle in before going?

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          Rule of thumb:
          Never go to a newly opened restaurant during the first 30 days. This gives them a chance to get the kinks out, as well as eliminate newly hired staff who can't cut it.

          1. re: cb3

            so are there any updates? Has anyone eaten there or heard any feedback?

            1. re: susiejane

              as of last week, there was still a 'opening soon' sign in the window.

              1. re: mggn

                They have been open for a couple of weeks. I have been there once, but I'd like to go again before writing up some thoughts. Bottom line: beautiful & elegant decor, good food, but not yet a place I would put in the same category as Mike's, Pardes, or Chagall. With the build-up and the reputation from Israel, I expected to see more creativity on the plate. I'll let you know more after another try.