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Jun 9, 2014 08:00 AM

Getting Off Bolt Bus; Have Two Hours to Kill

I've got to take the Light Rail to Seatac and need a nice cafe or spot to chill.

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  1. Where does bus drop you ad which rail station?

    How much time do you really have? You have to allow for delays and going thru security. I would stick to the airport. There are a few things to see and do though not the cheapest or best.

    1. You get dropped off at 5th in the ID, right? If so, go to Green Leaf or Thai Curry Simple. You can kill more time at a café (lots of choices in the 'hood) if you need to.

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        U-way Malatang is self-serve hot-pot (trippy) at 9th & Jackson (the link is at 5th). The ID is full of great food. Two hours is a good amount of time to have if you plan your mission tightly. Go from Bolt directly to your restaurant, eat, and come back knowing the train schedule.

      2. There are many food places near the Bolt Bus stop in the International District. Once you are sated, go to Imperial Foot Massage at 9th & Jackson for a totally relaxing experience - especially if you are preparing for a long flight.