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Jun 9, 2014 07:59 AM

One night in Seattle and it's my Birthday

Where do I go? Will be traveling with 16 and 19 year old sons along with husband. So does not need to be romantic or expensive, just good. We are staying at the Maxwell so walking distance, less than a mile would be good.
Open to all cuisines, except one son doesn't like Indian food.

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  1. Toulouse, Laredo or maybe Crow?

    If you want to come to the top of Queen Anne Hill (steep, but you could take a cab one way) there's How to Cook a Wolf or Via Tribunali.

    1. Serious Pie is a yummy and fun Tom Douglas restaurant to tryout. Really tasty pizzas!!!

      Here's their link:

      Also I love the Icon Grill with their weirdness and awesome Mac and cheese:

      The Icon Grill is some serious love and comfort food, but fancy. Here's the best menu item:

      "Ultimate Macaroni & Cheese...Four cheeses, tomato snow, crunchy topping and a final flourish of additional molten cheese."

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      1. re: SharynT

        serious pie is one of the few tom douglas restaurants i'll still eat at. go for happy hour; $6 half size pies.

          1. re: kaleokahu

            i've never had a problem at happy hour. i show up early though like 3.

            1. re: chartreauxx

              Ya got to otherwise it's a zoo.

              Also worth noting that Serious Pie has communal type tables. I hate it, but it's not quite enough to stop me from eating there occasionally.

              1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

                if you get to the one on virginia early, they have 2 or 4, i forget, small 2-tops in back.

                1. re: chartreauxx

                  Good to know, thanks for the heads up. I've actually never been to that location. I'll have to go there next time.

        1. re: SharynT

          Neither of those are really walkable from the Maxwell though.

          1. re: venice4504

            in that case, i suggest tup tim thai, red papaya, masonry (wood fired cooked to order pizza and a few other things), cafe goldinblack (korean, superb service if odd decor), list in belltowm (new american), the lost pelican also in belltown (cajun/creole), and boat street cafe.

            1. re: chartreauxx

              Thank you, everyone! I will look further into menus and see where I can get in. Short notice plus a Sat. Birthday.
              I will let you guys know where we end up.

        2. In the block or two south just across Denny past the Center grounds is Bambino's at 401 Cedar for great pizza, all of it, really, and a knockout tap-list - ask them if they'll still make Gaius Plinius (they do still bring it when we ask for it - and it makes us feel like mafia to get what nobody else has). You can throw a shoe from the door there up Cedar to Tillicum Place at 5th & Denny, to see statue of Chief Seattle. Toulouse Petit at 601 Queen Anne North is a happy hour monster (many posts here) all day. The 5 Point Cafe at 415 Cedar corner is legend (meatloaf, hashbrowns, fries) you get the whole Pike Place Public Market - oh, but first, corned beef hash at the Mecca 526 Queen Anne Ave. This is a dream trip you are having, and so excellently situated - have fun. When we go to events at Seattle Center we often stop at 100 Mercer for provisions at Metropolitan Market, as there is rarely better chow at public festivals than at Met Market's outstanding deli (prime rib sammie, extra horse). Ride a bus up the Queen Anne counter-balance (google the story) to see from Kerry Park (find unsigned Guy Anderson, Kenneth Callahan, Morris Graves, Victor Steinbrueck, Charles Stokes and Margaret Tompkins in Marshall Park) see Parsons Gardens, across the street. Slip on down and around the hill to the Ballard Locks and fish-ladder. Go through Fremont and around Lake Union (find story) and see Saint Mark's cathedral (stories) and the Volunteer Park water tower. Climb the tower and look in the windows of the space needle. Oh, Space Needle = go here for stories, not food, though you will eat expensively, conceivably even well, and surely spinning memorably, which may even be worth it. The Tillikum Village salmon dinner is a fun tourist trap event with quite good local cultural interpretation (chief Seattle again). See the mask show. Another in that vein is Ivar's Salmon House on Lake Union. Near there is UW and its attendant youth scenes. Check out the sky space at the UW Henry gallery. And we never even got to Fremont, Ponti, Art of the Table, the zoo, the Arboretum, Full Tilt, Uway Malatang, Paseo, FuMan Dumpling house, Seven Stars Pepper, the whole of the Chinatown/International District, Pioneer Square, and the settlement memorial at Alki. whew...