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Copper Canyon: Is it still good?

Is Copper Canyon still worth going to with a group of friends?

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  1. Stick w the Steak or the pork chop and you wont be disappointed. Those two are amazing IMO.

    The traditional mexican fare is where I find they strugglle. ie- their fajitas are expensive and just ok. The guac- same thing... expensive and its good but not great realtive to the price.

    Their warm brie and their salds are also great

    1. Not disputing what LCD is saying, however anytime you have to depend on one or two dishes as "go-to" dishes, I wouldn't recommend the place.

      The steak is very good however I find the rub they use actually detracts from it. I find the steak to be excellent plain, without the rub. I've never been impressed with the place........but that's my $.02

      1. I live close by and used to go on a regular basis. However I have stopped going. They do have a few good entrees, however they are generally overpriced and the room has become somewhat run down. They need to refresh the place, work on the pricing and enhace the menu. I have taken this place off my local go to's. If your looking in the area I enjoy the Wine Bar across the street - and they are on Restaurant.com. I also enjoy Christines across the street which is BYOB.

        1. Steak is still outrageously good. This is one of my favorite steaks in the COUNTRY. The rub just completely connects with me and I think I could literally eat this steak 5 nights a week and never get tired of it.

          This place is not everyone's cups of tea. It is loud, usually crowded, and drinks are on the pricey side. However, it has a cult like following with a lot of people...me being one of them. So you have to find out if it jives with your palate and wallet. I have taken people that simply don't understand/appreciate the flavor profiles and are turned off by their menu. On the other hand I know people that I have introduced that will travel across the state for their steaks. So it is hit or miss. The old fashioned "steak and potato" guys like my dad simply don't comprehend this place.

          The pork chop is good but the steak does it for me every time. Ive been coming here a long time and lost count how many times I have been here. Put it this way, I walk in on packed valentines day eve with no reservation and they seat me instantly....thats how much money i've spent here lol

          They have great Carton Canyon beer on tap that pairs well with the spicier food.

          Chips and salsa are great.

          gauc is overpriced and not worth it.

          tuna carpaccio is delicious.

          Brie and salsa is amazing and I don't even eat brie...seriously try it.

          Crab cake is solid as are the stuffed chilis. Even the arugala salad that my wife gets is super good with tons of bacon (and I'm not a big salad guy)

          I could go on but you have to know what to order and it has to ultimately satisfy your taste buds. It works for me...

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            Funny I gave up on the rub and decided it took more away from the excellent steak than it added to it. Not saying the rub is bad, I just prefer the pure quality of the steak. To each their own!

          2. Arugala salad with bacon, currants, basil dressing... It's def the salad course for my last meal on earth.

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              I know right! LOL I don't even like salad but that thing is just something else. My wife gets that almost every time. The thick cubes of smoked pork belly (aka call bacon) is mouth watering!

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                I recently ate at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill at the Monmouth Mall.

                They have a chili rubbed delmonico that reminds me of the steak at Copper Canyon. The quality of the steak I had was not as good as the one at CC, but it was still good. It also came with a southwestern potatoe gratin which was outstanding

            2. I recently ate at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill at the Monmouth Mall.

              They have a chili rubbed delmonico that reminds me of the steak at Copper Canyon. The quality of the steak I had was not as good as the one at CC, but it was still good. It also came with a southwestern potatoe gratin which was outstanding.

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                Agree with the Steak comments. The Rub makes it. Been going there since it was located in now Christine's location.
                Not a friendly place for people wanting to drink after dinner service is ending. One of the few places that uses fresh lemon and lime juice as well as Cointreau versus triple Sec for their Margs. The hot pecan salad hasn't been mentioned nor the black bean chorizo spring rolls. The chocolate ganache with pecan crust is heaven with the tequila whipped cream . Chips and salsa +1

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                  went last night and had yet another epic steak.....love that cut and flavor.

                  The sprinrolls are good too....forgot those. I do agree though, they need more nightly specials to change things up (for my wife of course since I get the steak each time lol)

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                    You nailed it johnny. How about any nightly specials? On my last visit the special was a crabcake entree. two of the crabcakes on one plate. While I think the crabcake is tremendous, two appetizers on one plate, while it may be a dinner, isn't a special. Now I want a crab cake.....

                    1. re: Herm

                      LOL, I know what waiter this is. He makes his own specials up and puts two appetizers on one plate...seriously. He does it with lamb chops often. He got my wife one night with it when she ordered the lamb only to realize that it was the same as the appetizer only twice as big. He is a decent waiter though.

                      They definitely need more specials. They had a pretty good short rib one a while back that was good but the mole sauce just didn't do it for me. HUGE portion!

                      I would love to see him to do a rib eye or skirt steak once in a while, or even some ribs.

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                        Just out of curiosity does the check arrive with 2 x's Lamb Appitizer @ $ 14.95ea $29.90 -or- does it print as a set entree price. Just wondering if someone else is helping the waiter......the check would tell. Sorry I guess I'm bored.

                        1. re: jrvedivici

                          qty 2

                          maybe the waiters are frustrated that there are not that many specials. who knows

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                            JR, I am heading to vegas in week. Have you had any good steaks out there lately?

                            1. re: corvette johnny

                              No I haven't been to Vegas in a good 6-7 years. My old go to spot (name escapes me) is even closed.

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                                We alternate between Cut and Delmonicos. Really love both of them. If you love Thai food, make sure you hit Lotus of Siam (reso required). And if you want traditional Japanese, hit Raku. For soup dumplings, China Mama has good ones.
                                Have fun!

                            2. re: corvette johnny

                              Funny, I believe that the lamb chops were also offered that night! I like the lamb at CC, but I don't think it's in the same class as the steak.