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Jun 9, 2014 07:05 AM

Prima Taste Laksa instant la mian (where to buy around DC)?

The laksa is supposedly very good. I'd love to try them. Will order from Amazon if I have to.

Is there a Singaporean market around DC?

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  1. Tried Great Wall, H Mart, the market in Eden Center, and the Filipino market next to Bangkok Noodle to no avail. 12 pack on Amazon costs me $46.

    1. Maxim in Rockville Pike (Maryland) sells them. I suggest adding soy puffs, cooked chicken meat, hardboiled eggs, green beans or leafy greens to make this a nutritious and tastier meal. The store also sells Prima Taste chili crab flavored la mian.

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        I also found them recently at Great Wall in Merriefield.

          1. re: Steve

            I was at Great Wall last week and they were actually sold out. I've had them before (first ordering from Amazon and then getting more in Chinatown in NYC). I think they're pretty good but I'm no expert on laksa. The Ramen Rater likes it, and so does other more laksa experienced hounds. Incidentally, Mykuali is now available on Amazon. Mykuali is much spicier but their noodles aren't as sturdy as the Prima Taste noodles.