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Jun 9, 2014 07:00 AM

KY Restaurant alternative to tipping

This idea seems pretty solid to both ensure that servers are properly compensated during slow shifts but also see an increased compensation for busier shifts.

Personally, I strongly dislike tipping in the sense that at a restaurant I want to pay what I owe. I'm not looking to weigh in on whether or not my server did a good job or not - that's a manager's job. If my server is that awful, I'll report the server to the manager and let the issue be settled as I would when shopping retail. But beyond that - I feel that those who tip well - all they're really doing is compensating for those who don't. They're not so much rewarding a server for a job well done, but letting poor tippers off the hook.

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  1. In many eateries, food servers are poorly paid and depend on tips to make ends meet.

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      The point of this post was to highlight an article of a restaurant in Kentucky that has found a different way to compensate servers without tipping.

      1. Tipping is optional, and people have a different perception as to what good service is, what they can afford to give, and what is approrpriate. Moving away from tipping is allowing the poor servers to be compensated the same as the good servers, and puts more of the onus on the store owner to fire poor performers.

        1. What a great idea.

          Servers either get paid a "proper" hourly rate or benefit from what is effectively a commission on sales (just like other people who sell goods and services)

          Based on our similar but varied ways we have of doing this across Europe, it should lead to servers benefitting in their income and customers benefitting from improved standards of service.