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Jun 9, 2014 05:57 AM

Boston restaurant suggestions for business group dinner

Need a good-great restaurant with a private room for a business dinner of about 10-20 people. Must be separated private room that is quiet.

People will be attending a conference at the Boston Convention center so okay to be on that side of town as well as in the main downtown area.


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    1. Price range? Formal or informal?

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      1. re: Bugsey34

        Formal. We'll be taking clients for a dinner.

      2. Davio's is very popular for this sort of thing.

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        1. re: VintageMolly

          +1 on Davio's. Perfect for this type of stuff. Menu can appeal to simple + adventurous eaters.

        2. Mamma Maria also has private rooms. Also, maybe look into one of the steak houses down there -- DelFrisco or Morton's. I would imagine they could accommodate this type of thing, but not sure.

          1. Davio's
            Grill 23
            Brasserie Jo