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Jun 9, 2014 05:19 AM

Dining in Vienna

I will be in Vienna from 4 to 8 July and I booked tables at the following restaurants:
Rudi's Beisl
Osterreicher im MAK
Glacis Beisl

What do you think of the selections? Any suggestions for substitutions (I am, for example, somewhat ambivalent about Fabios)? Perhaps Zum Finsteren Stern, Gasthaus Poschl, or Do&Co? Thanks so much for your help,


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  1. Rudi's Beisl, Osterreicher im MAK, Glacis Beisl
    as well as Gasthaus Pöschl are rather inexpensive places offering Viennese standards. Reservation a must for Rudi and Pöschl, so you are OK when you have a table !

    Vestibül is a high-end version of Viennese cuisine. Great view over Ringstrasse when dining outdoors.

    Fabios is an expensive Italian place, and nothing special. If you want REAL Italian cuisine of great quality at reasonable price levels, I recommend
    Osteria Friulana
    Cucina Wetter on Yppenplatz.

    Zum Finsteren Stern is a small, charming place offering modern variations of Viennese and Mediterrean cuisine, recommended especially for their outdoor dining setup. Price level is moderate, reservation recommended.

    Do&Co is a mixture of Viennese, Spanish, International and Asian cuisine. Great for the view over the city center, but nothing special about the food…
    Their museum cafeteria in Albertina is quite convenient after visiting the Albertina.

    Hollmanns Salon on Heiligenkreuzerhof: Excellent organic food in a quiet hidden courtyard.

    Ella´s on Judenplatz: Mediterrean cuisine on a large city piazza without any cars, in front of the impressive Holocaust memorial.

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    1. re: Sturmi

      Thanks, Sturmi :-)!

      I've booked tables at Rudi's Beisl and Glacis Beisl. Would you substitute Gasthaus Poschl for either of the latter, or are they all essentially similar restaurants.

      I'll drop Fabios (I was always ambivalent about it) and book at table at Zum Finsteren Stern. Good choice?

      I know I could spend weeks eating in Vienna, but I've got only five nights: did I miss any place? Konstantin Filippou and Steiereck are rather pricey, though I am always willing to stretch for good food.

      Substituting Zum Finsteren Stern for Fabios, do I now have a good list?


      1. re: steverap

        Yes, this list is OK !!
        Enjoy your stay !

        PS: Maybe go to Filippou for a 3-course lunch !
        They have a nice outdoor setup in a quiet street...

        1. re: Sturmi

          Hi Sturmi,

          Rudis Beisl is closed during our stay, so the hotel recommended Plachutta Gasthaus zur Opera. What do you think? Should I try Gasthaus Poschl instead? Thanks, I appreciate your thoughts,


          1. re: steverap

            Gasthaus Plachutta serves Viennese standards, and has a nice outdoor dining area. Because of its size you will also easily get a table. The food is OK, but nothing extraordinary.

            Gasthaus Pöschl is in a more romantic location, and its menu a little bit more on the "authentic beisl" side. And I really like the "Naturschnitzel mit Reis", served only at Pöschl.

            Another place of the same kind is the new Gasthaus Huth in Weihburggasse, definitely recommended:

            1. re: Sturmi

              I think we'll go with Gasthaus Poschl. Thanks so much, Sturmi, you are a terrific resource, I really appreciate the help. All the best.