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Jun 9, 2014 02:56 AM

LA Vacation- Where to eat - Hotspots and Value for Money Kings?

reading a whole lot in the forum recently and just heading to LA on thursday i thought i ask in general what you absolut hotspots or value for money restaurant are considering the sheer size of LA and the millions of possibilities to eat!
I will stay in the Kore town are and absolutely want to try as many food trucks as possible as well as these restaurants:

Taco Maria


red medicine


fairfax fish

+ lots of burger and pizza joints and some more

it would really help if you would give me some advice!

ps: traveling alone and really hoping to go to some places where one can small talk etc.

thanks you all and hope my question is not to general!

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  1. You really ought to look through this thread (if you haven't already) for ideas.

    Pizza in LA has been overrun by the rush to Neapolitan style pies. You can find examples at places like Settebello DeSano Olio Sotto Pizzeria Napoli Stella Barra et al. You should also give Vito's on La Cienega a try and I really liked the pizza I had at Clusi Batusi on Sawtelle in WLA.

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      thanks so much!
      somehow overlooked this thread! really great advices servorg! thanks a lot!

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        Here was the final report on that thread: which makes for some interesting reading (and even more interesting eating) and he then posted his grades for each place farther down which you can find here:

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          If it helps, I mapped out a bunch of these places (along with the cheaper spots on the LA Weekly & LA Times annual lists) here:

          There's a map on the original link but it doesn't work on iPhone if you're mobile (and on an iphone).

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            Thanks so much for sharing your mobile map. Chowhounds are a really generous and helpful group - I gotta say...

    2. A couple of suggestions. If you don't have a reservation yet at Providence, do it now. They have a special anniversary tasting menu during the month of June....and they just reopened after a "redo" of the they're pretty booked. And remember that they do lunch on Friday only....but I've always been able to order the tasting menu at lunch. And Red Medicine has a nice bar menu....and you can also order off the main menu at the bar. Sergio, the bartender, is terrific.

      1. Here is a link to solo dining in LA.

        Animal has a nice dining bar and I love the Mozzarella bar
        at OSTERIA Mozza.

        The hottest two restaurants in LA at the movement are probably Maude and Trois Mec.

        Welcome to LA.

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          The bar at Pizzeria Mozza has a killer lunch special.

          Sit at the bar, from 12noon to 5pm Monday through Friday and you'll get any pizza of your choice, a glass of wine and, a dessert of your choice. $20.

          I love Nancy Silvertons pizza and this is an easy way to have fab food with no reservations. (Well, except the calories!)

        2. If you like pastrami try Langer's Deli near downtown. The best pastrami & rye on earth. Open till 4pm & Closed Sundays.

          The best fish tacos are at Ricky's Fish Tacos in East Hollywood. Lunch only Closed Mon & Tuesday.

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            can always count on you for the money shot from ready for lunch!

          2. How long are you staying in LA? And is the main purpose of visit to "see the sites" or to eat good food (or to eat the best food possible near "the sites")? Will you be renting a car and do you mind lots of driving? Or will you be relying on public transportation?