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Jun 8, 2014 07:48 PM

Gakyizompe Restaurant

Great new place, Gakyzompe in Queens
Bhutanese and Himalayan
47-11 47th Avenue

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  1. Bhutanese sure got my attention. What's good there?

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    1. re: squid kun

      I've had excellent Bhutanese at Lali Guras iin Jackson heights, but to be honest, I don't know the names of the dishes, since I've always gotten thali style meals. goat seems to be a specialty, chicken preps have been so-so.

    2. Gakyizompe is a Tibetan place which serves three variations of the one Bhutanese dish, which is their national dish ema datse (although they spell it differently). Their menu has a few Nepalese thali plates and otherwise is mainly Tibetan. The name means "happy gathering." It's good though, will write it up soon.

      Jared Cohee