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Jun 8, 2014 06:54 PM

DC Dinner & Lunch Recommendations

Will be in DC with family for 2 days next week and would love to get some good recommendations. Staying at the Willard and will be spending most of the time near the attractions, but planning to venture to Georgetown for lunch or dinner one day.

Flexible on price and cuisine. Thanks in advance.


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  1. I like 1789, but it's not very kid friendly. I'm not sure if the family includes young kids. Do you have kids with you? I also like Kafe Leopold in Georgetown. Right now, I think the dining scene is kind of spread beyond Georgetown. I really like the ramen at Daikaya in Chinatown. I'm not a vegan, but I love their vegan broth.

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      Yes kids 8 and 10 fine at nicer restaurants but would prefer casual. Thanks

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        For lunch in Georgetown I would go to Il Canale or Peacock Cafe. Should have something to please everyone at both.

        For the other meals it would be good to know if there is some sort of cuisine you are dying to try or something to avoid? Without knowing that Jaleo, Cava, Graffiato, and the Hamilton would all be good choices with kids.

    2. La Chaumiere, il Canale, Fiola Mare and Bourbon Steak in G'town merit your consideration. If you got the cash, Fiola Mare has the view and the food.

      1. I notice you've never reported back on any of your threads so far. Chowhound works best as a two-way street, letting people here know how their suggestions worked out.

        My favorite place to eat in Georgetown is the counter service at Luke's Lobsters. Lobster rolls, crab, shrimp, etc. Toasted buttered roll with just a soup├žon of mayo.

        Olivia Macaron nearby makes for a great dessert. My favorite flavors are cassis, rose, and lemon followed by cofee and chocolate.

        You don't say where you're from, so these may be wasted suggestion if you already have good lobster rolls or macaron near where you live.

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          Noted Steve. Coincidentally flying from DC to Coastal Maine so lobster def out of the question!

        2. Here's the report back -

          Il canale - tried to change reservations via open table, but showed zero availability around our time. Arrived at the restaurant and it was half empty. Service was good, nothing exceptional. Started with two pizzas which were fantastic. Followed up by the bufala, which My party felt had an odd taste (we are all huge mozz and bufala fans). We did pastas as main course and the gnocchi and seafood pasta were both fantastic. Seafood pasta was one of the best I've ever enjoyed.

          Old ebbitt grill - great lunch, salmon highlighted on the menu was probably the best salmos I've ever had - perfect pan seared crust - seasoned perfect.

          Founding farmers - really like the atmosphere and had fantastic service - but felt the food was more gimmicky than good. Couple of neat things on the menu, but overall felt the execution was poor. The chicken and waffles had delicious crispy chicken and a soggy stale 1/2 waffle.

          Graffiato - least favorite meal that I really wanted to enjoy. They should give you a heads up that the good comes out immediately. Was there with a party of five and we were in and out within an hour - including wine and drinks. Some of the dishes were really good, others were average. The pepperoni sauce was good, but reminded me of something they should serve with a little Caesars pizza. My wife asked for more dipping bread and they just brought and charged us for another order.

          Overall - wish I would've had more time in Georgetown to try some of the other recommendations. Other thing which baffled me - the options near the mall / monuments are almost non existent. I did see a line of what appeared to be good trucks, got exited, but they were all dirty ice cream trucks. What a fantastic place to have a bunch of resident food trucks.

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            Commercial structures of any kind near the mall/monuments are non-existent. That is unlikely to change. Food trucks (to differentiate from ice cream/hot dog/soda vendors) need high foot traffic in order to survive. That's why you'll only see them around the mall during special events that are likely to attract large crowds. If your looking for food, a cab ride up town is a worthwhile investment.