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Jun 8, 2014 03:47 PM

Fun, seafood, and drinks in CT?

Hi, I'm new to central CT and I'm looking for a casual, fun place for drinks and great seafood. I'm thinking a beachy type dive bar that you can post up at for drinks all afternoon and get some whole belly clams or lobster rolls. Maybe even listen to live music on a patio? Is there such a place within an hour or two of Hartford?

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  1. That's a pretty wide net to cast. Within two hours, you could be out on the Cape, enjoying the Bay State bounty. Or at one of many great eateries in Rhode Island. Do you want to stay instate?

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      I would say the closer, the better, but if I need to go out of state to get to a really awesome place, I'm willing to drive!

    2. It's not a dive bar, but you could drink, eat clams or a lobster roll and listen to music outside at The Back Porch in Old Saybrook--all overlooking the water.

      1. Bill's Seafood in Westbrook seems to fit your request (about an hour).

        1. Thanks for the great recommendations! I'll definitely be trying these places this summer!

          1. never been there, but might be of interest and a lot closer to home (Middletown).