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summer vegetable soups

just made my last batch of butternut squash soup until fall... looking for tasty ideas using summer veggies. I have a thai carrot ginger I think I'll make next week, and just found a zuchinni garlic that looks good. I'm in a pureed soup kind of mood... but the real requirement is that it be non-dairy all veggie.
this is the zuchinni garlic...

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  1. Given your restrictions, I suggest you ask this on the Vegetarian & Vegan Board.

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      There are non veg*ns who also eat and make great veg*n foods..... And they don't ever read the VnV board.

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        Maybe ask it there also but this is a general cooking board not an omnivore's board and has a much wider readership.

      2. I like cauliflower roasted and puréed with coconut milk.
        Cumin is nice.
        Beets make a nice cold borscht.
        Broccoli and onions are nice together.

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          I love the idea of the cauliflower-coconut soup!

        2. this is quite good-might be too "winter" for you

          Is fruit ok? I love this melon soup- very nice as a starter for brunch

          How about a chick pea one? I made this once-loved it! but my husband not so much

          This broccoli soup I bookmarked after a friend served it at a party. You could skip the parm garnish. Also the wholeliving site is really good.

          1. Maybe an authentic gazpacho with the bread blended in and the whole works?

            Another cold blender soup that's nice is avocado, cucumber, scallion, a little garlic, lime juice and whatever greens you have on hand.

            Cream of asparagus made with almond milk

            Red lentil with cardamom, ginger, tomato, leeks and chard.

            Tortilla soup with crumbled grilled tempeh, corn and kale

            Lightly simmered baby bok choy, shiitake, scallion, miso and tofu

            Even though it's not that summery - wild rice soup with fresh dill, black pepper, pearl onions, and whatever's green and looks good at the farmer's market.

            1. These are a few i have really liked, esp the tomato avocado one at the end

              And this one is like an amazing hummus-y soup, just omit the feta garnish

              And i've always preferred this carrot miso one served cold

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                I like albondigas soup made with chicken broth and veggies like corn and zucchini. Pozole with hominy and made with dried red chilies is also good.
                I use broth in a box a lot but for soup homemade stock is much better and not that hard.

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                  That chickpea-tahini soup looks delicious! That's on the make-soon list.

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                    I really love it, and unlike some summer soups its also quite hearty and filling.

                2. I like putting alphabet pasta in all-vegetable soup, just for fun.

                  1. I'm just jealous that you have anything you consider a summer vegetable!

                    I love spring onion soups. Sometimes I add bread, rice, potato for a thicker soup, but most of the time, I enjoy them in a more delicate, thin soup.

                    I don't generally enjoy zucchini soups, but carrot is another story altogether. Carrot with ginger, carrot with Indian spices, carrots with those spring onions. When the peas arrive, peas with shallots is another favorite.

                    I am neither a vegan nor a vegetarian and I make soups all year long that are completely vegan.

                    1. Gazpacho. Definitely gazpacho. It's not quite the season here--I'll have to wait another four to six weeks, but oh when it hits!!

                      Lettuce soup: I believe I'll be making some in the next week based on what i expect to get from my CSA tomorrow.

                      Roasted red pepper soups can be lovely, lots of versatility in herbs and spices you use.

                      1. I usually do pureed vegetable soups with little or no dairy - I prefer the more intense vegetable taste you get when it's just stock and vegetables. For vegetarian you'd just need to use a vegetable/mushroom stock, or stock cube, or bean broth, rather than chicken stock.

                        I did a carrot and lentil soup the other day that was very nice. Onions, garlic, ginger, carrots, red lentils, cumin, coriander, paprika, salt, pepper and lemon juice.

                        Gazpacho is an obvious choice. I go very simple with that - onion, tomato, cucumber, red wine vinegar, salt to taste. Sometimes I use lime juice instead of vinegar and add a handful of cilantro for a vaguely Mexican approach.

                        One basic soup technique that's very versatile is to use a Thai hot and sour soup paste (but check to see if it's vegetarian, because it may contain fish sauce or shrimp paste). I like to use some of the soup paste, with water or broth, and then toss in a bunch fresh vegetables to be cooked until just tender. Add a squeeze of lime juice, and maybe a spoonful of coconut cream for variety.

                        Corn and tomato soup is nice - I use diced canned tomatoes as a base for the broth, with sauteed onion and roasted corn, and some diced cilantro or green onion tossed in at the end, with a bit of lime juice.

                        1. This mushroom soup is really amazing, i used a little less olive oil (i ran out and just used 1/4cup) and still loved it. You would never guess its dairy free

                          1. http://www.delish.com/food/family-mea...

                            I have posted this recipe in a different thread but only made it again last week. The first time I made it was for a group requiring both a gluten free and vegan soup but I have liked it better adding a pat of butter and using a dairy heavy cream, rather than a soy product. I still make it with Imagine no chicken broth. Yesterday as I was getting ready to heat up the last of it I tasted it cold and I think it would work chilled as well as hot. Probably a sprinkling of chives or chive blossoms would make it look elegant. Or if cold you could skip the cream and serve it with a bowl of thick yogurt on the side.

                            1. Just made this (from a recent Weight Watcher weekly handout--paraphrased), and guests wanted the recipe:

                              Spring Veg Soup w/ Orzo
                              (could add cooked chicken if you prefer meat)

                              6 c reduced sodium chicken broth
                              2/3 c uncooked orzo
                              large carrot, diced
                              1 1/2 c sliced asparagus
                              1 c frozen green peas
                              4 medium scallions, sliced
                              1/3 c fresh dill, chopped
                              2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
                              1/4 tsp salt
                              1/4 tsp black pepper (I used more)

                              Bring broth to boil, add orzo & carrot, cook 6-7 min
                              Add asparagus & peas, boil about 3 min more.
                              Remove from heat, add scallions, dill, juice, s & p.

                              Options: add fresh spinach at end of cooking; sub parsley for dill; add Parmesan.

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                                that looks tasty, have you made it yet? I always found WW recipes to be underseasoned.

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                                  Yup, as I wrote, guests raved. I added lots more pepper than called for (and a bit of red pepper flakes), 'cause I like more heat than WW does, apparently.

                              2. thanks for all the yummy ideas! I can't wait until the veggies are available at the farmers market!

                                1. I make gazpacho this way (non-traditional, no bread) because it is low-cal but it would also qualify as veg and GF. I peel four large tomatoes and put them through the Cuisinart with a green pepper, a peeled cucumber, and an onion. Mix this with a 46-oz can of tomato juice. Season well with salt, cumin, garlic powder, olive oil, and vinegar. Makes a lot and lasts all week in the refrigerator.

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                                    Oh my...gazpacho would never last a week in my fridge! It's one of my gluttony foods. :)

                                    When I have to make GF gazpacho, I add ground almonds. Adds some bulk to the texture and some nice flavor.

                                  2. I really like this soup. The herbs make it wonderful. Omit the Parm for dairy-free,