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Jun 8, 2014 02:33 PM

Any decent Japanese sushi place run by Japanese in Richmond

Looking for Japanese food place for sinner for 7 people in Richmond. Prefer to run by Japanese. Had been to Kiriri Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar and Hachi.

Please kindly recommend other choices.

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  1. Ichiro has Japanese staff on the sushi bar and it shows-sushi is excellent their other offerings are so/so-often jam packed full.

    Seto is Japanese but I've never eaten there.

    Sakura-classic HITW-seats maybe a dozen.

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    1. re: Sam Salmon

      Kiriri Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar
      8780 Blundell Road, Richmond BC

      Kiriri is a refined Japanese restaurant with a very important distinction: their miso black cod was the best thing I ate during my 365 days in Richmond. No other version I tried even came close, and the other dishes we had were also impressive. This is a place for a special meal - not quick takeout!

      Standout dishes: miso black cod, organic mixed mushroom salad, gomaae, Great Salmon roll.

      Sushi Hachi
      #1278 - 8888 Odlin Crescent, Richmond BC

      Sushi Hachi is a small restaurant that you'll definitely want to make a reservation for - it's packed every night of the week, and it's especially impossible to get into on a weekend without a reso. The restaurant is owned and operated by a husband (chef) and wife (server) team, and is known for its fresh and finely cut sashimi and nigiri. The pressed sushi was one of the most beautiful dishes I've ever been served.

      Standout dishes: pressed sushi, Chef's Selection of sashimi and sushi

      Ichiro Japanese Restaurant
      12011 2nd Ave, Richmond BC

      Ichiro is the first place I went for sushi in Richmond, and still one of my favourites. Their gomaae is outstanding - the perfect way to start your meal - and all of their other dishes are prepared and presented with care. An added bonus: the restaurant is in the heart of Steveston village, so you can stroll around and pick up an ice cream cone after!

      Standout dishes: gomaae, kaiso salad, assorted sashimi, tempura platter, spicy tuna roll

      Takeya Sushi Japanese Restaurant
      #17-8671 No.1 Road, Richmond, B.C. (Seafair Mall


      Takeya is so popular for takeout, they've dedicated a third of the restaurant just for people to lineup and receive their orders! It's much-loved for its reasonably-priced and high quality sushi.

      Standout dishes: any of the curries with rice, the Rocky Mountain roll, mango vegetable roll, crunchy tuna roll, gomaae

      Sakura Sushi
      #4 - 6390 No. 3 Road, Richmond BC

      I didn't expect little unassuming little place to charm me so! For next to nothing, you'll get rolls with some of the best sushi rice I've had in Richmond, and soups that are simple and wonderfully done. It's a fast, inexpensive, and excellent option if you're near Brighouse Station.

      Standout dishes: avocado papaya roll, vegetable udon soup

      Moncton Café
      3651 Moncton Street, Richmond BC

      Opened by the same owners as Ichiro, Moncton Café brings Japanese "yoshoku" to Steveston, which is a style of Japanese cuisine based around adaptations of western dishes. It's Western food with a twist, and it's both intriguing and tasty. I highly recommend trying the hamburg steak, and finishing with their refreshing housemade houji tea ice cream.

      Standout dishes: hamburg steak, houji ice cream

      Mega Sushi
      #100, 3131 Chatham Street, Richmond BC

      This Steveston hot-spot is known for the exceptional presentation of its dishes, which taste as good as they look. Along with a number of traditional and special rolls, they offer beautifully cut and plated sashimi, soups, noodles, rice dishes, and even some BBQ. For serious flavour, heat, and crunch, be sure to order the Big Boss Roll.

      Standout dishes: Big Boss Roll, Blue Ocean Roll, Korroke

      Seto Japanese Restaurant
      8460 Alexandra Road, Richmond BC

      Seto is a very popular sushi restaurant in Richmond, yet its multitude of private booths make you feel like you’ve got the restaurant to yourself. Try the aji tataki (horse mackerel) sashimi – it’s oily, rich and perfect dipped in ponzu, plus they’ll deep-fry the rest of the fish for you to snack on.

      Standout dishes: Ramen, BBQ eel pressed sushi, spicy tuna roll, aji tataki sashimi.

      Guu Richmond
      #2790-4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, B.C. V6X 4J7 (In Aberdeen Centre


      Guu is a place for friends to hang out, eat food, and get a little rowdy on a Friday night. In true izakaya style, it's a noisy place with servers shouting orders at the kitchen and the entire staff greeting customers as they come and go. Dishes are perfect for sharing, and should be combined with large bottles of Asahi or one of their many offerings of sake. Guu is great, it's just probably not for your Grandmother.

      Standout dishes: beef tongue (3 ways), wasabi mashed potatoes in smoked salmon, marinated maguro steak, and kakuni (stewed pork belly)

      Osaka Today
      8180 No. 2 Road, Richmond BC

      Osaka Today is a small sushi shop with intimate, dark wood booths. The quality and presentation of their sushi is excellent for its price, but it's busy - so call ahead for take out! If you love the flavour of sesame, be sure to order their gomaae.

      Standout dishes: Kamikaze roll, grilled salmon cheek, gomaae

    2. So ..... you're looking for a 'sinfully-good' meal, eh ? ;-)

      1. Ichiro never disappoints. I've mostly had lunches there. Bonus points for it's Steveston location.

        1. I didnt like my two visits to Ichiro. Sakura has a small space and limited menu.
          Would suggest Seto as they can accomadate a party of 7 and food is most consistent (sushi hachi not withstanding) in richmond.
          The second option not mentioned here is the one off Cambie St. Close to a Shopper's Drug Mart/ LA Chicken/Halal Butcher/Tandoori resto.

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          1. thanks for all your replies and I will pick Seto for my final choice.