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Reopening of the Collegeville Inn?

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After being vacant for 10 years, there has been some landscaping activity in front of the venerable old buffet and the "For Sale" sign is down. Anyone have any news on this?

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  1. I would not bet on a reopening. I did pass that crew one day and if I recall correctly it was a utility of some sort not a landscaping crew. The building is huge and in a flood plain of sorts. The look of the place after that initial update would work in any mountain venue for sure even with simple bar food. They opened with some weird concept which doomed them from day one. I cannot even guess at the money invested and lost there.

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      The concept was "La Marche" after a Montreal-based chain that had patrons select choices, place orders at a central chef's station, pay up front and then sit until their food was ready. What's wrong with this picture??? Food was appropriated by others thinking it was theirs, food got cold if you forgot to walk back periodically and check, there was wait service for water and nothing more (no one to help elderly/ handicapped with their selections,) the serving area was a playground for unattended kids running, bumping into patrons carrying hot entrees and creating havoc. Needless to say, my first visit was my last. What were they thinking?

      The building is off the flood plain but hundreds of cars have been lost in the lot. Let us see.

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        Surely they borrowed money from a bank to start up that goofy concept. Hard to imagine that a bank vetted that dumb idea.

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          Sounds like this concept worked for the Montreal chain some where or they would have not made the investment, which I would expect was a significant one. I would think that with Montreal being quite a cosmopolitan city with a French based that their location would not be in the city proper, just a guess. Of course the surrounding areas are quite rural where one might find this type attraction working. I do find it strangely interesting and will see if I can dig up more information.

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          Yer right. Some digging but they're gone and the sale sign is back up.
          It could be an iconic meeting place - if not for the flood plain parking lot. When the La Marche concept was in operation, the bar area with its huge hearth and high rough hewed log ceilings was quite attractive.
          I hope it has a third reincarnation. Remaining vacant into its second decade will take its toll on the infrastructure.

          1. re: Chefpaulo

            Chef, you, me and Sal might be the only people interested in the decade long failure; here is just a bit of unverified information I found regarding it from 2012.

            The owner, Joseph V. Roberts, operates Nutrition Management Svcs company along with a woman named Kate. The comment was much longer but with all the adjectives and nasty descriptors removed we come down to the one sentence above.

            1. re: Bacchus101

              Sounds like more than the rehabbers of the C'ville Inn lost their shirts. Must have been one vitriolic comment.