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Jun 8, 2014 01:35 PM

ice cream stand?

Now that it's truly summer outside, I've been craving ice cream more than ever.

Which ice cream shops - either in the city or the suburbs, or even farther - are worth seeking out? (Besides the obvious Toscanini's and Christina's.)

Bonus points if they're cute and old time-y or on a farm. I'm in Somerville, so nearby places are good, too.

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    1. Rota Spring Farm in Sterling has great ice cream, a little farm stand and their own cows right outside. It's out there, but a nice ride off route 62 and 110.
      Quality, portion and price compare to Kimball Farms with more flavors and Rota will let you put 2 flavors on a small which is about 24 oz of ice cream.

      1. Hornstra Farm in Norwell. They make their own and you can visit the cows! The best chocolate milk (and at the holidays their egg nog is to die for!)

        Nonas in Hingham makes their own ice cream too. My favorite of theirs is the pumpkin they offer in the fall.

        1. Hands down, tiny Benson's in W. Boxford. Here is the schedule for their in-season local fruit ice creams:
          I suspect this is a general schedule that does not reflect this year's cold spring and have not looked at their Facebook page. Check there, or call, to confirm availability before making a trip especially for local fruit ice cream. The website menu section lists the many other nonfruit flavors they make.

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            Thumbs up. They make their own. Lots of places tout "homemade" ice cream (this was another thread) but it's "made" by another ice cream maker and just sold at their quaint stand. Fine, but misleading.

            Bensons makes a terrific ginger icecream, and as greygarious noted, lots of fresh in-season fruit flavors (peach, red raspberry, etc).

          2. Ice Cream Machine in Cumberland, RI and Flint Farm in Mansfield.

            Bedford Farms is good as well, and much closer..