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Jun 8, 2014 10:36 AM

2 Great Dinners in New Cumberland area

We were in the area Friday and Saturday nights to attend All-Fords in Carlisle. I did a search on restaurants nearby and was intrigued by the menu at the Garlic Poet, so we went there Friday night. Wow! We had great food - the charcuterie (sp?) platter, the filet and the crabcakes were all terrific - a fine dining style service for under $100. very nice.
Saturday we tried Coakley's Irish Pub on Bridge Street. They had hard cider on draft - yay! The ambiance was cool - a little dark, irish music playing, old prints and maps on the walls. DH ordered the shepherd's pie, I had the crab cakes - the shepherd's pie was fantastic. the crab cake was good, but I wish I'd gotten the shepherd's pie as well, it was better! Dinner for 2, under $40!

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