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Jun 8, 2014 09:44 AM

Casa Victoria Chowmeet - Based on popular demand, 'Clarion Call for ROUND 2!'

Feed back from satisfied participants who attended the Casa Victoria Chowmeet last week have been extremely positive.

As such, I have been receiving e-mail from fellow hounds who either missed out on the 1st round due to scheduling conflict or attracted by the aforementioned write-ups and hoped to try out the unique experience. Their requests were for me to organize a 'Round 2' of the above chowmeet for them. As always I am most willing to oblige, not to mention welcoming another opportunity to meet more fellow hounds in person.

Therefore, I am proposing a ' Round 2' be held on Thursday, 3rd July at 7.00pm. Menu and price per person will be as per Round 1.

I am allowing a week to test the water and hopefully gather enough bodies to meet the 'critical mass' for a GO!

I will confirm by posting during the week of the 16th June.

Good Luck!

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  1. BTW, the proposed date is flexible and can be changed to accommodate. However, governing factors still depends on when Chef Ming will be manning the kitchen as well as avoiding rhe busy weekends!

    1. I frequently read of your legendary events, Charles Yu, and I may be in town for this one - an astounding alignment of stars.

      What was the cost of the last gathering (not disclosed in link), and how do we advise you of our interest - here in this thread?

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      1. re: non sequitur

        You may contact me by e-mail for detail. My e-mail is posted in my profile page. Just click on my name.

        Hope you can make it! Noticed you are a lover of late harvest German Riesling just like me and a fan of EMP! Will have lots of common interest to chat!