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Jun 8, 2014 08:20 AM

Jing Fong still good for Dim Sum?

We are looking for a good Dim Sum place in Chinatown. Coming from San Francisco where we have fantastic Dim Sum we know this might be a challenge. We were told about Jing Fong. Can anyone else vouch for this place?

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  1. No. If you are used to fantastic dim sum you will be disappointed. I would suggest having something other than dim sum that is specific to New York such as Barney Greengrass

    1. What dim sum places have you been to in San Francisco? The best dim sum out there is found in the greater Bay Area, like Koi Palace in Daly City.

      Hakkasan is your best dim sum choice in NYC.

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      1. re: scoopG

        is it feasible to make a meal of dim sum at hakkasan? I mean, I know it's theoretically possible, but if two diners came in and ordered solely "small eat" dishes and drinks, would staff be ok with that?

        1. re: debinqueens

          Deb I've gone in and just eaten dim sum, same with ordering just dessert. I don't always order entrees and I've never been made to feel weird. I have went with good friends who are Jewish and observe kosher dietary restrictions (but don't require the place be certified). We just order vegetarian dim sum and desserts.

        2. re: scoopG

          In this instance, I wouldn't even recommend Hakkasan given that OP is from SF, where they already have a Hakkasan.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            For something different, I recommend dim sum items at Decoy Restaurant (below Redfarm). I don't think Jing Fong comes close to Koi Palace, but it's not horrible.

            Interestingly, Hakkasan in SF has some pretty good reviews. At very least in contrast to the scathing reception in NYC.

        3. Honestly, I'd skip dim sum in Chinatown while you're here, given what you've told us, and focus on what you can't find at home.

            1. Good enough, yes. Entertaining and fun dining experience, yes. As good as or better than SF dim sum? No.
              I've had dim sum many times in SF and i hate to say that it isn't a strength here....

              I agree with kathryn, go somewhere that is unique to nyc or harder to find in SF- like the new russ and daughters cafe, or katz, or motorino....or maybe check out red farm for some unique takes on dim sum that you won't see in SF.