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Most robust coffee beans available in Detroit

Back when Caribou Coffee had free-standing stores in metro Detroit, my family quickly decided that its' Mahogany brand really suited our desire for a robust, savory drink. Now looking to form another LTR with a notable replacement. Any suggestions?

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  1. Have you tried the basic Zingerman's Roadhouse Joe? I prefer lighter roasts, but that always struck me as a good stronger one. Widely available around the metro area.

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      Hi, Jim. Zingerman's products are not available anywhere we grocery shop...

    2. Hi, DEFINITELY do a tasting at Chazzano. http://www.chazzanocoffee.com/
      I think it is not far from you, at 9Mile just west of 75...just across 696. You will find something perfect. Then you will need to decide whether perfection is worth the extra ten cents per mug.

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      1. re: VTB

        Definitely Chazzano. Best I have had in Detroit.
        Like VTB says, try their range, I am sure you'll find something you like.

      2. Roos roast lobster butter love or rich french neighbor

        Available in detroit, w Bloomfield, Troy and Rochester hills whole foods

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          Lobster Butter Love is the caffeinated coffee I drink, but I wouldn't call it robust and savory—it's very delicate and smooth to my palate. Haven't tried Rich French Neighbor, but I think Roos Roast does things right.

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            Really? When I had it, it was very strong. Maybe it was brewed incorrectly. I personally drink the A-Bar-A from Roos. It's a lighter roast but very very delicious.

        2. I met the owners of Might Good Coffee at a BBQ a few weeks ago... IIRC, they have distribution in the Detroit 'burbs.

          1. If you're ever around Berkley, Westborn roasts their own beans and has a few dark roasts available. I usually buy the Sumatra Mandheling.

            1. Great replies all. Thanks for the suggestions, 'hounds.

              Friday, or Saturday we'll drive over to Chazzano; and go on from there...

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                Chazzano is closed on Saturdays! (Jewish owned)

                1. re: VTB

                  Thank you for that info, Tom!

              2. Mighty Good (from Ann Arbor) is available packaged in many Detroit-area stores. They do excellent dark roast coffees, yet low on acidity.

                Retailers: http://www.mightygoodcoffee.com/might...

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                  Thanks for the list, trapani. Sprout House in GP is one of our favorite shopping experiences. We'll check out Mighty Good there.

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                    If you want to try MIghty Good by the cup, they have a shop on N. Main in AA, a couple blocks north of downtown.

                2. Just another thought ....
                  How serious are you about your coffee?
                  If your answer is really really serious, have you thought about roasting your own beans? It will require an investment, and maybe a LOT of playing around, but if you are serious and don't mind a little trial and error, you will end up with a perfect coffee for you.
                  You can get a Behmor for ~$300 or a Hottop for >$1000.
                  Or go lowbrow and use a popcorn popper.

                  Many places will throw in a fair amount of green coffee with a roaster purchase, for example 8 LBs from Sweet Maria's ...

                  Disclaimer - I don't roast my beans, but the thought of doing so is intriguing. If I was retired or had more time in general to mess around with it, I might get myself a Behmor.

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                  1. re: Markcron

                    Great thought and suggestion, Markcron. But if I bought a bean roaster home, I'd have to live the rest of my life with a frying pan indentation in my forehead...