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Looking for a few quiet restaurants on the Westside, BH and WeHo

Quiet spots seem few and far between, but I will no longer tolerate
100 decibel dining after an evening at Connie and Teds.

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  1. Providence....Petrossian...both places I go to when I want to have great food and a conversation. Or alone...if I just want to hear myself think!

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      Never been, but by everything I've heard, Hatfield's definitely works for me.

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        Love both Providence and Petrossian, but was hoping for recos that were less expensive and even some that were budget priced.

        1. re: VenusCafe

          Piccolo Paradiso on south Beverly good quality and value and modest price

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            I like Nook, in the back corner of a minimall on the S/E corner of Santa Monica Blvd. at Barry. Good value -- large entrees including sides for low-$20s. Good ambiance and service, fairly quiet when I've been there. But the two-tops against the long wall a close to eachother, so you can either become acquainted with your neighbors or whisper. Booths in the rear corners are preferred, and there is a communal table in the middle.

            Here is their current online menu: http://www.nookbistro.com/dinner-menu/

            I really like the chicken paillard, my brother enjoyed the shrimp and grits, and their mac and cheese is excellent and a good starter to share. I'm stunned they don't have a pot roast or short rib or long-braised beef -- they excelled in those dishes for years.

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              I agree with Nook. Great neighborhood bistro. Also, a little further west but with a similar feel, Ammo.

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                I believe you meant to say that Ammo is a little further EAST. I agree with your Ammo Rec! Delicious food, low-key, and not blaring loud.

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                  oops. thanks. that IS what i meant to say.....

              2. re: nosh

                Looks great, nosh.
                I'm just a simple gal, so loved that brown rice

                1. re: VenusCafe

                  the brown rice with vegetables and tofu is killer good!

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                DOMA, on Camden in BH, a few doors north of Mr. Chow. Very nice pastas and pizza in a very pleasant atmosphere, with very friendly service. Owner and operated by the Dan Tana's folks, but the polar opposite in vibe. And the food is nothing alike.
                Also, a couple blocks to the west is Bedford & Burns, on Bedford just up from the corner of Wilshire.

            2. La paella. Just get tapas and wine tho not paella. Mellow spot.

                1. I recently had dinner at Locanda Veneto. Went early sunday and it was very quiet. Comfortable boothes and very conducive for conversation. Good Italian food as well. Its on 3rd ST east of La Cienega. Down the street was AOC which I checked out. Packed and deafining!

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                      Locanda Veneta is WEST of La Cienega.
                      And any recommendation for Nook for a quiet place has never eaten there.
                      It is as noisy as many places mentioned in that category. But the food is good, and the place is comfortable, unless you get stuck on that communal table in the middle.
                      And Ammo is way EAST of Nook, by about 5 miles!

                    2. I have never noticed a lot of noise sitting outside at Bar Bouchon.

                        1. re: Servorg

                          Interesting call; I've not been there since haunting the place in late 60s, early 70s. Could not get to their menu, either with your link or the link provided by Google. I'm no longer fond of
                          Osso Buco which was my favorite then, so I really
                          wanted to check out the menu for this millenium!

                          1. re: VenusCafe

                            Here are the main courses off their online menu from the website:

                            Chicken Scaloppini - 26

                            Choose your preparation, picatta or marsala style

                            Prime Center Cut New York Strip - 41

                            The king of cuts with a savory green peppercorn sauce
                            Pollo Parmiggiana - 27

                            Free-range chicken breaded, topped with marinara sauce, fresh mozzarella and Parmesan cheese served with linguini marinara
                            Saltimbocca alla Romana - 36

                            Thin slices of milk-fed veal, pan-seared with fresh sage and 18-month aged Italian prosciutto ham
                            Veal Scaloppini - 35

                            Choose your preparation, picatta or marsala style
                            Salmon - 30

                            Fresh King salmon pan seared and served with lemon butter sauce
                            Veal Milanese - 47

                            Tender milk fed veal lightly breaded and cooked golden brown topped with baby arugula, cherry tomatoes and aged balsamic vinegar

                        2. Michael's in Santa Monica…the garden is very conversation friendly. Indeed for quiet conversation, we often seek outdoor seating where there are not the hard reflecting surfaces which are typically present within.

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                            Michael's is fairly expensive though. Not ridiculous....but certainly higher end. What about Fig at five?

                            1. re: perk

                              Fig @ 5 is a GREAT deal (even your drinks are 50% off), but it gets crowded and very loud in there during this time.

                              1. re: perk

                                Are you referring to Fig & Olive? If so, it certainly does not qualify as quiet, even at 5! They blast their music from the moment they open!!

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                                  perk is referring to Fig Restaurant in Santa Monica. "Fig at Five" is a dinner special where all orders placed between 5-6 pm are 50% off. It's awesome but is also loud.

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                                      This is the famous FIG restaurant with fresh seasonal produce and whatnot? Everything on the menu is 50% off from 5-6? Sounds too good to be true...

                              2. Salt Air on Abbot Kinney in Venice.

                                1. Even I cannot get over the dearth of quiet restaurants in
                                  LA. Please...a few more offerings, at any price point.

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                                    The Belvedere Restaurant at the Beverly Hills Peninsula is perhaps somewhat stuffy, but the food although not overly creative is very good, the service is first class, and it is relaxed and quiet, especially at the outdoor tables. It is expensive!

                                  2. Vintoteque on Melrose is hushed, very nice. Slightly east of WeHo but not too far.

                                    1. Il Moro, 11400 W Olympic Blvd (entrance on Federal)
                                      Blvd. 16 in the Palomar Hotel, Westwood
                                      Babita - gourmet Mexican food in San Gabriel

                                      Connie and Ted's for lunch if you get there before noon.

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                                      1. re: bundyal

                                        I did Connie and Ted's and it was so loud I exited exhausted and under much stress. M/b 100 decibels.

                                        1. re: VenusCafe

                                          I didn't see the need for them to "ring the bell" with my 4 lb lobster, but I had a great time there and enjoyed it

                                      2. Gorge on Sunset was pretty quiet when I went last year, but it was relatively late.

                                        1. Si Laa at Robertson and Pico is our favorite quiet restaurant to go to when we want to talk while we eat.

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                                            This looks like my kind of restaurant; Thai, quiet, nice selections and everybody seems to love it!
                                            Thank you so much Jade!

                                          2. Try Adoteca in Brentwood. Great food, nice atmosphere a gem not yet discovered.

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                                              nearby and I will try it soon, thank you!