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Jun 7, 2014 10:18 PM

Paris resto advice, this one hopefully w/ helpful info too. Would love your views!

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone has any views on this set of Paris choices. I’m pretty set on what I’ve reserved, but pretty open on the rest – despite the apparent but false precision on the tiers. I’m more into classical choices, but I’m also going to be in the 11th and want to explore things I haven’t before – but still prefer classic to offal or too experimental. Also, I’m single, so I like a few places with no reservations bars (and have noted a few where I suspect that is true) and places where I can see the kitchen. I have 5 or so more restos to add, in addition to the two I’ve reserved. Obviously, tho, I’m happy to reserve too.

Are any of these single unfriendly? Are there any good/great places where one can just show up and hope for a great meal at the bar? (like Frontera at Chicago)

Is Lazare still possibly rude? I’ve read the main thread on this, and reports are mixed. But I’m pretty sure I’m not as handsome as some of those reporting ; )

BTW, for info: I’ve clicked on Septime’s online reservation system within seconds of when a new day opens and no luck.

Thank you for all your help over the years and for comments here as well.

Resto Choices.
CLAJ http://www.lamijean.fr/8.aspx Tues-Sat
Robuchon http://atelier-robuchon-saint-germain...

First choices:
Terroir Parisien http://www.yannick-alleno.com/carnet/... Alleno TLJ fourchette 1
Benoit http://www.benoit-paris.com/fr/menus/... TLJ
Lazare http://lazare-paris.fr/contact/ TLJ
Paul Bert/ 6 Paul Bert http://parisbymouth.com/bistrot-paul-... bar? Tues-Sat; M-F
Pierre Sang Boyer Tues-Sat http://www.pierresangboyer.com/ bar no resvs
Le Richer https://www.facebook.com/Restaurant.L... no resvs, TLJ bar?
Bistro Bellet http://parisbymouth.com/bistro-bellet/ T-Sat bar on the cuisine!

2nd tier:
Frenchie http://www.frenchie-restaurant.com/me... M-F
Goust http://www.enricobernardo.com/WEB/ind... Tues-Sat
Au Trou Gascon http://www.alaindutournier.com/wp/aut... M- F
Chez Denise http://parisbymouth.com/our-guide-to-... M-F

Bones (bar) Tues- Sat http://www.bonesparis.com/
Septime/Cave/Clamato M-F; Tues-Sat; Weds-Sun in order: http://www.septime-charonne.fr/
Chateaubriand http://parisbymouth.com/le-chateaubri... T-Sat
Verjus http://verjusparis.com/ M-F Same for wine bar

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  1. No restaurant is really single unfriendly. Book what you want to eat. You have tiers. Book your first tier, and, well, there you go.

    If you want to go to a reserve-only restaurant with no reservations, here's an anecdote: when the first Michelin guide came out for Japan, many of the restaurants were booked for a year solid.

    Pierre Sang Boyer is no reservation, so if you arrive early you'll likely get a seat. I didn't find Lazare rude, but to each his/her own. 6 Paul Bert is better than Paul Bert, but it depends what you're looking for.

    Clamato and Septime Cave do walk-ins and the food is great. Not sure why it's in the "3rd" category...

    To be honest, you could pick any 5 restaurants from your list and eat there solo. There'd be virtually no problem...

    1. The bar at Le Richer is small and doesn't overlook anything interesting. Try for a table.

      I had the same experience with the Septime website that you did. I would also suggest moving Clamato up in your tier structure.

      1. I cannot quibble with any of your choices except to say I think the price-quality at Benoit is bad and reaffirm my experiences at Lazare of friendly service/

        1. Just be careful that neither Pierre-Sang Boyer nor Clamato are places where you can show up at the conventional dinner hour (8 - 9 pm) and expect to get seated without a significant wait. Suspect le Richer would be the same although I haven't been before.

          Bones is much easier since the bar space has a lot of stand-up room and from memory, much of the food on offer can be eaten with one hand eg. the suckling pork sandwich - you can just ask nicely ask to share a scrap of table space when it arrives.

          For more options convenient to the 11th, I'd look up recs around the market at place d'Aligré (Parnassien has provided lots in the past).

          I myself had an excellent recent experience at one of his recs Clandestino (thank you Parn !), a no-choice dinner menu, under 45 euros I think, Japanese chef cooking modern French, very good seasonal produce, a sweetheart of a waiter. Some empty tables on a Thursday night, so perhaps a reasonable bet for a walk-in.

          1. Also - the opposite of 'classical' isn't 'offal' as there are plenty of traditional and/ or classic offal preparations. Liver, kidneys, sweetbreads, boudin noir and andouillettes would all be right at home on the menus of most of your picks, along with other choices of main protein. The only problems may be Bones (the main dining room) and le Chateaubriand.

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              That's a very good point, thank you. Should have just said, I'm not a fan of a good fraction of offal.