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Jun 7, 2014 04:03 PM

Looking for Asheville Sites and Eats

We will be going there sometime in July. Have plans to do a walking food tours (I love doing those), visiting the Biltmore for sure. Would like to take in a distillery and at least one brewery. What is the best brewery to check out. Do not want any that are in warehouses.

Also, I read all the old threads and wondering if there are new comments on any of the restaurants there. I read in my Saveur or Food and Wine last year that Asheville was suppose to be the new food and beer scene and would just like to have some referrals on places to visit, eat and sea. Thanks.

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  1. Tons of recent threads on Asheville - I'd suggest doing a search, narrowing it down to your top picks and asking for feedback. As for breweries, I'd suggest Wicked Weed. Excellent beer, good food, fun people-watching in a busy atmosphere, not a "warehouse" feel. If you're at Troy & Sons distillery, Highland Brewery is next door and has great beer too.

    1. Biscuit Head is a new-ish fun lunch place. Admiral is still top of the heap for dinner, imo. El Kimchee is my favorite food truck.

      1. Recently had a great meal at Rhubarb, albeit an expensive one. Order the softshell crab if it's being offered that night.

        King Daddy's Chicken and Waffles should jump to the top of your breakfast/lunch choices. They're also open for dinner.

        1. Seven Sows is great for nouvelle southern. I still have a weakness for Early Girl for breakfast or dinner. The Wedge is a great brewery that pretty much always has a food truck there, but it's gotten a bit insanely busy. I agree with King Daddy's--super good! We finally tried Rezas recently in the Biltmore area and daaaaaang, that hit the spot. Middle Easter/mediterranean stuff, the best I've had since leaving the arabic stronghold of Michigan. That's only based on one meal, but I totally intend to go back. WALK in west Asheville has decent food at reasonable prices and a pretty fine beer list. Just a nice atmosphere if you happen to be on that side of town. Can get crazy busy on weekend evenings because it somehow manages to be family friendly. Limones is another that we, for some reason, never tried until recently and were pretty blown away by....

          1. If you are there on a Monday or Tuesday, check out Punk Wok in MG Road. Also there's a ice cream sandwich food cart, Sunshine Sammies. put that on your list!

            Remember to make reservations at the nicer places in the evening.