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Jun 7, 2014 02:25 PM

Has Target discontinued Giada's pasta sauces?

It's only a year or so ago that Target started marketing Giada DL's pasta sauces. They were very highly rated in the press and I enjoyed them. They've been out of stock recently at my local Target, and looking online they seem to be oos everywhere! Does anyone know if this is a temporary issue, of has the product indeed been d/c'd?

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  1. Don't know anything other than to tell you I purchased some of Giada's Pasta Sauce, Basil and Garlic, and Marsala off the clearance end-cap in Tacoma, WA about three weeks ago. Doesn't sound good for longevity, unless Target is just changing SKU's/packaging.

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    1. re: lovestacos

      having tried the Giada marinara sauce, i am not crying any tears over the idea that this shelf space might get used for something better.

      if it is being discontinued, you may be able to stock up on the stuff at a reduced price.

        1. re: mcf

          you're correct, and Target no longer carries it AT ALL! Strike another one for TARGET!

    2. I noticed this as well this past weekend. I did like the tomato basil.

      The online locator says it's in stock in a few stores near me, but none that are convenient to check.

      1. Could there be a connection to her first restaurant, which opened in Vegas on 6 June, although she fired the head chef in May?

        Possible rationale:
        1) too busy
        2) she wants her Vegas recipes to be a little different from what Target was selling but she's using the same names
        3) Opening a restaurant, she needs distance from the Target credit card debacle.

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          I like your new avatar 信. It's normally one character in a two- or three-character expression, although used alone it is often the name Makoto, which is usually a man's name but sometimes used by women. The fundamental meaning is "truth" and would really serve you well if your name was Ruth.

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            I use it as xìn--"to profess faith in," as in "Faith in God."

            And my full name means "Little follower of Christ who will succeed in the field" ... Multiple characters didn't look good in the tiiiiny, non-hoverable, line encircled avatar!!

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              The way your avatar is rendered it looks like the typical name stamps (hanko) used in Japan, wherein the ink (actually a thick paste) is red and the characters are always in a circle or an oval. Business stamps are often square and contain many characters.

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                Ah, yes, the infamous "chop" in China-- without it, no paper is truly valid!

        2. from
          Jun 2 (12 days ago)

          to me

          After reading your e-mail, I checked to see if I could find the Tomato Basil Sauce you’re looking for. I’m sorry for any disappointment, but this has been discontinued and is no longer available.

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          1. re: NCcatdaddy

            Wow. Interesting. At one time Target had a big all things Giada display, now nothing. I wonder what's the story...

          2. You may still be able to find the remnants at Big Lots.

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            1. re: MplsM ary

              You beat me to the punch on this reply. I love Big Lots for non-perishables!