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McDonalds coffee…hmmm…not impressed...

This am I wanted to grab a cup of coffee (since I put away the coffeemaker in place of the juicer…yeah, like that's getting a lot of use). I was (still am) pretty much wearing my PJ's (don't judge, it's house cleaning/laundry day). I wanted to go out to Starbucks or one of the little independent places near me, but really didn't want to have to see people. Then…ding ding ding!! McDonalds coffee is supposed to be good, and cheap, and there's a drive-thru!! Great! So I headed off to MickyD's, and ordered a large latte. Honestly, I was shocked at the price!! With tax it came to 3.91, basically $4 for a coffee that. while good, was actually smaller than a venti froom Starbucks, and more expensive!! Where does McDonalds get off charging so much???It's McDonalds!!! Crazy that I could get two double cheesebugers, fries and a small coke for almost the same amount. Maybe it's time to put the juicer away and set up the coffeemaker again!

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  1. IMHO coffee made anywhere other than "home" is crazy.

    I grind my beans and do "French Press", so yeah I very-rarely-to-never find restaurant/cafe (that includes the Ubiquitous Starbucks) coffee pleasing to my palate.

    Short answer: get your coffee maker out of storage and start brewing again. Life is too short for bad brew.

    1. a large latte from McDonald's? Using the drive up so you can wear your PJ's? wow, tough morning.

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        I'm going to assume you're being funny.

      2. The reason McD's charges $4 for a coffee is because people (like you ) are willing to pay that much. If they could charge $20 they would. Maybe next time just get the coffeemaker out and pocket the money - that's what led to my first million.

        1. I'm not a fan of McDonalds hot coffee either. If there is no Starbucks nearby I prefer Dunkin Donuts over Micky D's. In SW CT we have a DD every half mile or so on well traveled roads. Many independents around here serve Green Mountain Coffee which can be pretty good unless they water it down somehow ( maybe smaller fractional packs?). I do like Micky D's Sugar Free French Vanilla Iced Coffee however and a medium is just a buck.

          1. The only thing impressive to me is that the coffee is drinkable and not too bad. I wouldn't have expected as much from McDonalds.

            1. the reasons there are still so many starbucks around is that they provide what many people want in the way of coffee while macdonalds doesn't.

              you are just one of millions who prefer the starbucks product and price.

              1. McD's iced and hot "regular" coffees are pretty good for the price -- cheaper than the competition. And no, it's not crazy to buy something like a latte or an iced coffee rather than make it at home.

                Their "McCafe" beverages are sort of silly, though. Prices on par with Starbucks or indie coffeeshops, lousy automated espresso... just not worth it.

                1. I think their coffee is just ok but by me, McDonalds coffee hot or iced is $1 - that and the drive through make it an easy choice

                  1. I regularly get coffee at McDs....but only the 'regular' Newman's Own brewed coffee. $1 for a large. Can't beat that when I'm out.

                    I don't ever buy the McCafe overpriced drinks

                    1. I think the title is a bit misleading or unfair. Mc Donald's coffee, plain simple coffee is actually pretty good. Personally I don't think "latte's" and the like should be in the coffee catagory. So fine their latte type drinks might not be as good as Starbucks (I'm a dunkin donuts fan myself) but none the less Mc Donald's coffee is good and a bargin at $1. regardless of size.

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                        I agree with you. It's always irked me when someone writes or talks about $4 or $5 "for a cup of coffee." It's a cup of milk and espresso if it's a latte. A "cup of coffee" at McDonald's near me is $1. A cup of coffee at Starbucks is $1.50 (with free refills if you have one of their cards).

                        I have to drive about an hour each way for medical stuff twice a week. There's a McDonald's about 20 minutes along the way from home and I stop there a LOT for drive thru coffee. It's a solid cup of drip coffee and it's cheap by comparison. I've had the lattes, too and don't find them worth their cost. For the same money I can get organic, local milk and non-automatic espresso at a shop near the hospital where I go for treatment. It's a lot tastier.

                      2. McDs coffee i tried once in desperation- two sips later it was in the trash. Nasty stuff.

                        Get a little stovetop Bialetti, no bulky machine needed. If you like lattes just heat your milk as the espresso is being made, they'll be ready at the same time and taste 100xs better than either McDs or Starbz. (Just use good coffee)

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                          There's a huge difference between espresso and drip coffee.

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                            Yes, there is, but I really like both types, depending on the time of day and my eating situation.

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                              The OP had ordered a latte at McDs, so to make one at home they need espresso.... Its also a non-bulky thing that won't have to sit on the counter.

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                                The thing is, sometimes we're away from home and want to get a beverage, so "make it yourself at home" is not a universal solution.

                          2. Stick with the $1 coffee.

                            1. Why would you expect a large latte from McDonald's to be cheap? As pointed out, ad nauseam, below, you didn't order a cup of coffee, which is cheap and good (for the price). It's like saying I ordered a Big Mac and was disappointed that it was not a dollar menu item.

                              1. Hi folks! I didn't mean to offend anyone by mistakenly calling my latte a coffee, the reason for my post was just expressing surprise about the price being a bit more pricey than Starbucks, which is widely thought of as being overpriced. While I agree that coffee made at home is the best, that was not an option for me that particular morning. Obviously I don't go to McDonalds regularly, and I put it in the catatgory of cheap, fast drive-thru food, because, well it's McDonalds. The latte in question was good, as I'm sure their regular coffee is as well, and at $1, it sounds like a pretty good deal. Have a lovely day!

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                                  The $1 coffee hits the spot- really, it's quite good.

                                  I keep a McD's gift card in my cars so I can swing by when on the go and get a bit peckish.

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                                    I agree that our perception of McD's is cheap (inexpensive) fast food.

                                    That said, franchise holders from 2008 on were required to invest more than $100K to put in the McCafe coffee setup. You don't make that back selling $1 coffee. Thus the $5 latte...just not purchased by me.

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                                      Your thread title is misleading, like the other person said. You say you were not impressed by McDonald's coffee, but then in your actual post you say you actually ordered a Latte from the McCafe menu and it was good. "McCafe Latte pricer than Starbucks!" would have been a more accurate title.

                                      A Grande Iced Latte at my local Starbucks is $4.40. At the McDonald's, it's $3.19 and it's good coffee too. Much cheaper for me to go through the DT at McDonald's than the DT of the Starbucks. It's an an occasional treat, but if I can save $1.20 each time, why not!

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                                        Thanks, boogerbaby, some great insights and suggestions!