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what do you do with chicken giblets

what do you do with chicken giblets?

from a single chicken do you freeze and save for later? what do you do then?

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  1. I was going to give to my brothers dog but he said dog food only.

    1. Eat them as a snack while the chicken is cooking.

      1. Liver gets sauteed with onion and garlic, a bit of sherry to deglaze, and a few pinches of whatever herbs are handy. Chop coarsely and spread on crostini and serve as appetizer for the chicken that is about to be dinner. Other giblets are saved to add to the carcass to make a few cups of stock or broth. Most of that is usually used up in a day or two.

        1. throw them in a bag with other necks, wing tips, etc, and toss into the freezer. When you have a decent amount, add them to stock.

          1. I feed them to my cats.

            1. If I have a whole chicken I am usually roasting it. The liver gets minced and sauteed along with the onions and celery that are going into the stuffing.

              The neck, gizzard, and heart go into the bottom of the roasting pan, where they contribute to the drippings. I do include giblets in gravy, so afterwards they get saved with the carcass for stockmaking.

              Sam F.'s suggestion for gizzard stroganoff won me over, but then I found out how much cholesterol they contain, and I seldom see them at a reasonable price. They are usually 3x the price of whole chicken! If I roasted chicken often I might consider accumulating raw gizzards in the freezer until there were enough for a once in a blue moon stroganoff.

              1. i was at an asian market, filipino actually, and they had big packages of gizzards and feet cheap.
                my brother loved chicken liver omelets but one liver seems hardly worth it. not crazy about liver in stock. but chopping it as an appetizer sounds good, if small.

                1. A key ingredient in dirty rice. See any Cajun recipe. One of thebest items in the Louisiana Canon..

                  1. Well timed post. We are about to sit down to giblet stew. We use the hearts and gizzards only. The livers are best in chopped liver or pate.

                    Sorry, but I can't find a precise recipe online. I can't give precise measures, but here we go.

                    1 lb giblets - hearts and gizzards
                    1 cooking onion chopped fine
                    1/4 cup parsley chopped fine
                    4 or 5 white mushrooms sliced thinly
                    1/4 cup sour cream
                    2 tbs Hungarian sweet paprika
                    lard or other for frying
                    salt, black pepper, water
                    flour (optional)

                    The approach is roughly the same as for chicken paprikas.

                    Fry the onions on medium till translucent.
                    Add the giblets and brown for about a minute.
                    Add enough water to barely cover and then stir in the paprika.
                    Add the parsley.
                    Simmer on low till the hearts are done.
                    Add salt and pepper to taste.

                    There are options to finish:

                    Add sour cream to taste;

                    Make a slurry of flour and sour cream and add that to thicken the sauce;

                    Prepare a roux to thicken the sauce and then incorporate sour cream to taste.

                    Serve with nokedli, rice, broad egg noodles or mashed potatoes.

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                        The giblets and hearts are saved, or just buy a package at the market.
                        Sautéed with onions & mushrooms, s&p, then the sour cream is added along with some curry powder, served over white or brown rice. Hot sauce on the side.
                        The livers are saved for , of course ....chopped liver!