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Jun 7, 2014 11:49 AM

Stale muffaleta at Central Grocery

I went by Central Grocery last Thursday morning about 10:00AM and purchased three muffaleta's (not for sure what the plural of muffaleta is) to bring back home to Kentucky. I had an ice chest. I got about two hours out of time and decided a fourth of a muffaleta would be good for lunch. So I pulled into a rest area and got one of them out of the cooler. The bread was STALE, so I tried another with the same result along with the third one with the same result. This experience makes me think that I got leftovers from the previous day.

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  1. I hope you did not throw them out. I take older ones and toast them. Some I'll eat warm, others I cool off. There is a raging debate over the "proper" temperature for an "authentic" muff.

    1. I did trash them. I like fresh bread. We have a deli in my home town that serves them "hot" and I personally like them "cold". Of course, the ones severed in my home town aren't nearly as good at the Central muffs. I have tried several places for muffs in NOLA and I always come back to Central and I will go back there next time, but, I'll make my purchase later. With the attitude the owners have I know I would be wasting my breath asking for "fresh bread".

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        Well, I'm n record as having trouble with CG for years...although not to the point that I abandon them. There is ot enough stuffing anymore and hasn't been for thirty years. But the olive salad has held up well. Still, it is not haute cuisine. Well, give them another shot. Things are wildly variable.

      2. I walked out of CG many years ago... never to return!

        1. I think your problem is that you put them in a cooler. I think the CG muff is much better after sitting at room temp for at least five hours after purchase. Any time you refrigerate bread you're going to stale it. Everything on the sandwich is cured/brined/smoked, so I advise out of towners to pack in luggage/carry-on and consume upon arrival home since there's minimal risk of FBI. Chilled bread=stale bread.

          1. Another option would be to take the innards out and keep them cool, but pack the bread separately.
            I've eaten CG muffs hours after purchase on the plane on the way home, still great, but didn't even try to keep them cool.