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Jun 7, 2014 11:11 AM

Help with Flat Iron steak

Best way to cook flat iron steak

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  1. I love flat iron - sear high heat, cut across the grain. It's simple, nothing fancy but flat iron is such a flavorful steak that I like to let it shine.

    1. I cook on an outdoor grill.

      Usually just a brushing of olive oil and then seasoning of choice.
      I usually use a Montreal Steak Rub. Other times I do a cumin, black pepper, salt, fresh cilanto plus other things marinade for 45 minutes then onto the hot grille.

      3-5 minutes a side max. I'm guessin' for medium rare. Sometimes less depending upon size and thickness.

      Do NOT go over medium.

      Let Rest.
      Cut against the grain on an angle.

      I;ve got two in the freezer.

      They really are a quick and easy cut although I do love me some flank steak just as much. Sadly, flank steak is now big $$$. Ugh.

      Good luck.

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        Same here, grill and season it with whatever. Sometimes do a marinade. One of our favorites as it's one of the few cuts of beef that's still affordable for me, but still is good to eat after just a quick grill.

        1. re: jjjrfoodie

          I agree about the big $$$ and flank steak. And same for some of my other former "go to" cuts, such as skirt. Hopefully not too many people will discover flat iron else supply-and-demand will cause the price to go up like those others. :(

        2. You're getting all the info you need here. I'll add only that since I'm the sole carnivore in the house (aside from the cats, who can't have any) I'll cut the steak into approximately 1" slices, have about half for supper and bag the rest. In the morning I cut each slice in half lengthwise, sizzle them quickly in hot butter and have with eggs and toast. Or save them for lunch and have cold in a sandwich.