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Jun 7, 2014 10:09 AM

Acitron in Arlington?

Groupon offer today......not heard much about it. Thoughts?

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  1. I've had a couple of good meals there.. its worth a visit, although I wouldn't drive halfway across Boston for it.. probably a bit pricier than it should be, but not significantly...

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      Have you been to Tango?? I posted asking about it a few years ago but never made it. Friends are going to be in Arlington next week and we are trying to find a place to meet for dinner.

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        I had one meal at Acitron. It was fine, but I agree that it was pricier than it should have been. They have dishes like mole poblano, but I didn't find it terribly creative or authentic - just kind of in that in between space (not that there's anything wrong with that).
        It's been several years since I ate at Tango, but I had a terrific steak. If you're looking for places in Arlington Center the usual recommendations are Pasha (Turkish), Punjab, and Tryst.

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            I'll agree on Acitron. Its main advantage is that it's not a chain restaurant: the atmosphere is quiet and everything is cooked to order, which justifies the slightly higher price, IMHO.

            As for Tango: their main dishes from the grill are enormous. For two average-appetite people I would suggest one main dish and two or three appetizers and salads, which would also leave room for dessert.

      2. sc, Wait a second, i'm going to need not just a helmet after this post, but full body armor....now where did i put that?.......
        What i should do is find Striper Guy's tactful response to someone saying they liked that Aegean Grill in Watertown......
        We have lived near Arlington for 27 yrs and have watched every new restnt w/ great excitement, though we are lucky to not have most people's stressful schedules, so we have the time to drive for our fav restnts,and we rarely eat in Arlington these days.I wouldn't recommend Acitron . Here was my post, though it was 2 1/2 yrs ago:

        Of the 3 Mexican places, la Posada, Acitron and Zocalo (on Broadway) Z has the best food of the 3,imo, but I don't know how loud it is lately.

        Tango is fine if you like a friendly , welcoming, comfy spot that has very plain food , where the starch and vegetables are identical (or near identical) on all the entree plates, and where almost every dish relies on chimichurri sauce (basically a tasty herb vinaigrette) for added flavor. (That said, their beef empanadas are a regular stand- by in our freezer; tasty but unspiced filling that i spark w/ chipotle sauce.


        I have not tried it yet, but I would encourage you to consider il Casale Cucina in Lex. center, the new sister to Belmont's popular il Casale Italian restnt.But I don't know how loud it is.
        Otherwise we have been long- time fans of Arlington's very casual Sweet Chili Thai restnt, though it has had mixed CH comments and some CHs prefer the smaller Thai Moon, also in Arl. Center. Many people rave the Little Q Hot Pot next to the Regent Theater, but i have yet to eat there.

        Some CHs enjoy Tryst, which is fine/o.k., stylish, small and not too loud iirc. Flora, the very first of Arlington's upscale restnts, has by far the prettiest, most quiet interior (handsome old bank bldg) but I (and others) have been consistently disappointed by the food. Whatever you do, PLEASE don't go to Scutra-- Abominable. IMO the Arl. Indian places- are not really worth visiting. Ditto the tiny Mass Ave Pasha that is slow service, crowded, loud, and the food flavors and components perfectly tasty but very repetitive.

        I know this can sound really harsh and offensive to some, but it is my own advice. If you are young and not particularly picky, you may be perfectly happy at some of these spots. I hope you have a lovely evening, wherever you go. Plse give us feedback!

        1. Arlington is full of great restaurants. My favorites are below, in order. My wife and I love Acitron for a little bit more complex and higher quality Mexican. Zocalo is great for the basics.

          1. Toraya
          2. Manna House
          3. Punjab
          4. Acitron
          5. Little Q Hot Pot

          I hated Tango when I went, I even tried it twice.

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            I would enthusiastically add Za to that list. It's a simple formula there- creative salads, interesting pizza and a few choice desserts. Oh, and don't forget about the ever-changing rotation of draft beers. Get a high-top table by the window on a warm evening...ahhhhhh

          2. We really like Acitron...and prefer it over Zocalo. That said, we tend to keep it simple (they have this great veggie stuffed crepe I love) when we order. They had a special posole soup a few times which was great...All in all a solid choice- and you don't walk out of there feeling like a human chimichanga (greasy, gross and by the way...not authentic!).

            As for Tango, we recently started eating at the bar and have come to love it. Their polenta appetizer is delicious- esp. pared with a few empanadas and a glass of wine. The bartender is fantastic, knowledgeable and lets you linger. Never sat in the dining room, however.

            I'd never call Arlington a dining 'destination'- esp. when there are so many great options in Cambridge and Somerville. But Acitron is definitely a better choice than some of Arlington's other offerings.