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Jun 7, 2014 10:05 AM

What is Boston Lobster in San Gabriel?

Headed out of town so I won't be able to follow up for a while. Saw a sign last night which appeared to say Boston Lobster, at the former site of a Shanghai style restaurant on the NW corner of Valley and San Gabriel Bl. behind Popeye's. Any intelligence would be appreciated.

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  1. Hrm, very interesting, I did some minor searching on that address and it appears to be owned by a company named 'Boston Wholesale Lobster Corp.' which only location is out of 'Lynn, MA' and as the name says, it appears to ship deep boston lobster worldwide. Maybe it's a local wholesale operation to cater to Los Angeles inc SGV Chinese restaurants.

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      Favorite thing to cook and eat. Just add water !

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        I emailed one of the owners in Lynn, MA and it turns out that this place on E Valley has no relationship at all to the Lynn, MA business by the same (or at least very similar) name.

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          I'm hoping that since the space has been a restaurant location for a couple of decades that it's another restaurant.

      2. Here's the address and phone number from

        727 E Valley Blvd, San Gabriel, CA 91776
        (626) 288-4388

        Can't tell if it is wholesale or retail and haven't had enough afternoon caffeine to call myself : )

        1. All of my relatives from hong kong refer to what we call "maine lobster" as "boston lobster." it's basically the same thing, different branding that probably resonates more with the overseas crowd.

          1. also, i thought boston lobster was served at seafood village too.