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Jun 7, 2014 09:39 AM

Where would you go for the food?

my wife and I are planning some sort of adventure in the next year, sort of a bucket list type thing, This is what we agree on.
The main city, hopefully is less than 100,000 people. The weather should be nice, the warmer the better but definitely not cold.
The area should have a vast selection of wines, house wines, regional wines are the key. Don't bother with bottles of $50 or $150 wine, it is not part of the trip.
Cheese, we love cheese from all over the world. Once again, a very good selection of local and regional cheeses.
Seafood would be nice to see and enjoy the local recipes and flavor. We can eat seafood everyday of the year, living where we live, so having it available is good but there must be more.
Personally I would like to run across some good cabrito, really good salami and sausages.
Fresh markets to wander around in and buy a few things to cook up while there. Walking around markets to work up an appetite is pretty much a perfect day.
and last, the usual tourist things...museums, culture, site seeing, an occasional tour, etc..
There are many travelers in CH, lets see what you can come up with to fit the idea.

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  1. I would suggest Normandy coast in many small towns, that are actually fishing villages, so quaint and charming...

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    1. re: PHREDDY

      I really have no desire to go to France, any other suggestions?
      I actually meant to add in the OP to exclude France, sorry.

        1. re: genoO

          C'est dommage, il y a beaucoup de coins sympas en France. Not just stereotypically rude Parisians. In any event, I don't think Normandy is warm enough for your criteria. It can be quite cool, even in the summertime.

      1. I went to Portugal in April, and it was fantastic. Of course, Lisbon and Porto have populations greater than 100,000. But there are other cities. And we also went to Madeira, whose city (Funchal - translates into English as fennel, a good food-related word!) is about 100,000.

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        1. re: drongo

          I am leaning toward Portugal. I'll probably have to for go over the 100,000 number but that is not a big problem.
          We are looking towards a month away and hope to find a place like a short term apartment VRBO offers. Something besides a hotel or all inclusive, more old and family run.
          And olives! Wine and cheese and olives, Oh My!

          1. re: genoO

            I loved the food in Porto and Lisbon.
            I'd also love to spend a month dining off the beaten track in Greece (esp Crete, Thessaloniki, some smaller islands) or Turkey.

            Sardinia, Sicily and Corsica are also on my wishlist, but I think I'd spend closer to a week if I was to visit.

            1. re: genoO

              One of the smaller towns in Tuscany (particularly the Chianti area) might be ideal - hard to beat for cheese, wine and olives.

              1. re: genoO

                Portugal for sure. And Spain is just over the border!

                1. re: Puffin3

                  I am tending to agree, still affordable for the most part as compared to other places, great history and weather .

              2. re: drongo

                Madeira or the Azores might be choices, but the largest town in the Azores is smaller than you specify.

              3. It would easier to say where I wouldn't go for the food! And even those I am positive someone would argue about its deliciousness.

                1. At a population of ~120K [30k+ are students], but I think that Innsbruck Austria would be a good summer choice -- not as touristy as in the snow months and would fall unfer your 100K limit.

                  Lonely Planet:

                  UK tourist aimed site:

                  I can't comment on wine, but the internet says:

                  1. Consider the AZORES perhaps.

                    It just seems like a very *untarnished* destination complete with all the food and drink you can handle: wines, cheeses, meats, seafood ... and, ALL very very local (it's an archipelago).

                    I remember Bourdain mentioning that Azoreans love to eat. He goes on to say that it's one of the few cultures he knows of where the people talk about what they're going to eat for dinner WHILE they're eating lunch.

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                    1. re: Cheese Boy

                      You beat me to that one. Though the largest town is less than half the size OP specified, if that isn't a problem. They do have hospitals, medical services etc. because the archipelago has to be fairly self-sufficient day-to-day.