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Jun 7, 2014 09:01 AM

[Liverpool, Albert Dock] Any reccs?

We're going to the Mondrian exhibition at the Tate and will need lunch.

I know the Dock is not fertile territory for good eating but I'm currently very limited in my walking ability and need somewhere on the immediate plot. Any "best of a bad lot" recc, please?

(Ate at the Spice Lounge last trip and thought it OK - but only OK)

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  1. The Albert dock is a bit of a desert, but if you fancy just snacks, then Vinea is a good call - it's basically a wine bar with charcuterie and other stuff, but as you don't drink, it might not suit you. It is a nice independent place in a dock full of chains though.

    The Tate café can be quite good, but not cheap.

    The Maritime Museum has a restaurant which is supposed to be good, but I've not been - only round the corner from the Tate.

    The only other place in the dock I have heard decent reports on, aside from East z East, is Gusto - but it's a chain and I've not been, so can't comment.

    Good luck!

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    1. re: Theresa

      Thanks Theresa.

      Gusto's part of the Living Ventures Group, along with Blackhouse Grills and Manchester House (Aiden Byrne's place in Manc), and a couple of other places. Decent enough mini-chain Italian.

      I'd forgotten the Maritime Museum - I've eaten there once, years back, when I was doing some research in their archives. I have a vague recollection it was OK.

      1. re: Harters

        I think it's been upgraded/rejuvenated in the last few years, so it may be better than the last time you went - it might be worth checking their menu on the website

    2. Herself says that we're going to the Warhol exhibition at the Tate, followed by a heavy Xmas shopping foray into Liverpool One.

      Thoughts for lunch, please? I now have a new knee, so walking ability is much improved since the summer but is still in recovery mode so still a bit limited in getting about.

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      1. re: Harters

        I'm not sure what kind of lunch you want, but there a few places that spring to mind.

        You could try Salt House Tapas, which is handy for where you'll be. They do really good, interesting tapas and there's a good lunch deal too.

        A place I haven't tried yet, but which sounds good is Brett & co. It's between Bold St and Renshaw St, so is a bit further away from Liverpool One, but it looks like a nice place for lunch. It's a cross between a bistro and a deli.

        On Bold St itself is Bakchich - a very good Lebanese place which is more café than restaurant and which doesn't serve alcohol but apparently has some really interesting soft drinks. Lovely lamb schwarma and tabouleh. There's another newer Lebanese place on Renshaw St, which looks worth a punt.

        If none of these hit the spot, I'll try to think of other options.

        1. re: Theresa

          That's great, Theresa. I had it in mind a tapas place had been mentioned in the past in that area.

          1. re: Harters

            Lunya is another good tapas place around the corner from Salt House Tapas. I would always choose the latter over the former, but if the latter is full, the former is pretty damn good too...

            1. re: Theresa

              Looking at the map, it was Lunya I was thinking of. We'll see where we are in the shopping when hunger strikes. Thanks again - appreciated.

              1. re: Harters

                Update! I've just been into town (something I don't do very often these days) and made an exciting discovery. the Salt House people have opened an Italian "small plates" place the other side of Liverpool One on Castle St - it's called Bacaro, and is a take on the Cicchetti bars in Italy. It looks really good, and if their cooking is as good there as it is in the mother ship, then it will be - so I want to go very soon.

                1. re: Theresa

                  Tried Salt House Bacaro a while back as I work in Liverpool pretty often.

                  I had a crab linguine, black pudding with chicken liver pile up of sorts, and 2 of their signature scallops which were raved about in an opening review.

                  It was all good, but nothing I can remember wanting to write home about (hence this post prompting me to chime in months later.) It was my first ever Italian meal in Liverpool so perhaps I cannot judge.

                  1. re: JFores

                    Liverpool isn't known for good Italian places - there are a couple of decent-ish ones, but few, if any, really good traditional ones that I know of/have heard of.

                    I liked the look of Bacaro for a few reasons - it's a sister place of Salt House Tapas, which I love (although so is Hanover St Social, and I didn't rate the food there at all); the small plates allow me to be indecisive and try everything, and the campari/cocktail bar thing also appeals when I fancy a straight from work Friday drink with food. Will report back when I get to try it.

        2. re: Harters

          We had lunch at Lunya (see separate thread).

          By the by, the cafe at the Tate does a belting bacon butty (which they call a bacon butty). Two thick slices of very nice bloomer,fairly generous helping of decent bacon. Yes, I know I'd prefer supermarket white sliced but this was none too shabby.

          1. re: Harters

            The Tate café is pretty good - though quite expensive. Will have to try their bacon butties.

            1. re: Theresa

              Agreed, not cheap. I think the butty was a fiver.