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appliance shopping - los angeles area

not sure which board i should post on for this so i'll start here...

aside from pacific sales and costco are there any appliance (fridge, stove, dishwasher etc) stores that carry mid to high end appliances who have good service and aggressive prices? any reliable wholesalers any of you have discovered? can be within an hour of wilshire and the 405.


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  1. If you are shopping for Viking or Wolf or Sub-Zero then you are probably going to find what we found, little to no pricing differences as the manufacturer seems to mandate the pricing of their products.

    If you are looking at other less "high end reputation" brands then you should check out Absolute Appliances http://www.absoluteappliances.com/ on N La Brea just south of Melrose.

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      I would second this recommendation. We bought a stove there when we moved into a house and they were friendly and helpfull and the prices were good.

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        ….Don't laugh but I agree with Sears.

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          The trouble with Sears is that they are constantly changing their prices. I looked at a range that I wanted to buy. The next week when I was ready to buy it the price had risen by $100 and I went elsewhere. Next times I looked at Sears pricing the price was even higher and then a reduction of over $100.

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            It's called a market reaction. They are changing prices based on the prices other retailers in the area are charging. Most retailers have a price guarantee, so if the price goes down in a set amount of days you will be refunded the difference, but you must be vigilant.

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            I agree as well, we just did a major remodel of our kitchen and our new refrigerator and dishwasher came from Sears. Looked many places, liked theirs the best...

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            Agree with Snyder Diamond as well. Our new oven came from there...

          2. I'd second the recs for Snyder and Sears. When we got our place a few years ago, those were the two we used after much pricing and brand research.

            Things may have changed since then but worth a look I think. Bonus to Snyder, they are catty corner from tacos por favor! Good stop after an exhausting time shopping.

            Fwiw, we weren't looking for high end pricy sub zero type appliances but we wanted something a step up from basic that were solid. We got our range from Snyder and the rest from Sears. Been very happy with our fridge and range.

            1. thx all! especially for the quick responses. we're hitting the trail today in search of the goodies...

              will hit pacific sales in Torrance, Snyder diamond, absolute and will check out sears online before I go... will report back. was hoping for some speciality hidden wholesale warehouse but knew it was unlikely.

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                30% off Kenmore (Whirlpool) at Sears this weekend.

              2. Just remember to watch out for purchasing medium range appliances that are for some reason inexpensive(Kenmore, Whirlpool and so on), the reason they are inexpensive is because if you get a digital appliance which most are nowadays, then digital replacement parts are generally VERY expensive. Example being a kenmore elite fridge we bought 10 years ago, when the digital display broke after 3 years, the replacement part alone cost $220 and that's not counting if you hire someone which usually runs $150. On the bright side, when the replacement parts and the installation cost so much, you learn to do it by yourself fast :p

                Also be careful with small print on warranties if you go that route, they generally aren't worth it because they aren't like other warranties.

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                  I have recently dealt with both WAADT and Warehouse Discount Center and both had great prices and choices. Pay attention to installation costs and warranties if you are buying one. Thats where things added up fast and made a difference in botom line cost.

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                    We specifically looked for appliances with no digital readouts or parts. Our large capacity washer/dryer and French door fridge don't have any digital parts and the prices were great. We timed it with a big sale.

                    We also ended up spending a little more on the range than budgeted because everything we were looking at our original budget of $1-2K had digital parts.

                    Luckily at Snyder we were able to find the base model of a high end commercial quality range at a reasonable price. Stainless steel, high btu's and heavy duty grates. No digital parts. But we still came in under the sub zero range of prices.

                    It is possible to find good medium end appliances at a good prices, just takes effort and research.

                    1. I needed a new microwave (about 1.1 cu. ft, 1100 watt) a few months ago. Surprisingly, the prices at Pacific Sales (in the Best Buy at Pico and Sawtelle) were MUCH better than on Amazon. I looked at a GE and a Sharp (the latter touted by the salesperson as the maker who manufactured a lot of microwaves for other brands). When I checked reviews on Amazon, the Sharp had the lowest feedback of any item I've ever seen -- almost all bottom or second from bottom, citing three different problems and failures. I bought the GE and have been happy so far.

                      Another benefit -- opening up a Best Buy credit card at the checkout gave me another significant discount for my first purchase.

                      Anyone else miss Adray's?

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                        I do. I would always but my cassette tape phone answering machines there. But I miss Fedco more.

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                          Adray's and ABC Premium were good in their day, but time has moved on.

                        2. i agree with the warranty recommendation. as we speak, i have a refrigerator repair person here. i just moved into a new rental, and the fridge was leaking. the warranty company sent two awful people out....who said there was "no problem", despite the fact that the fridge kept leaking. i had yet another "flood", so i called a highly recommended company on my own. it took the technician five minutes to diagnose the problem. most of the warranty companies are substandard.

                          1. I see recommendations for Snyder Diamond. We bought a refrigerator there a few years ago. They neglected to tell us that "delivery" meant delivering the fridge in the humungous box to the door and not unpacking it or bringing it into the kitchen. So be sure to clarify what delivery means. You definitely don't want to unpack a fridge. I called them and they did have the guys stay and unpack the appliance and bring it into the kitchen. It was a very unpleasant experience.

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                              Sorry to hear about your experience.

                              Luckily we didn't have an issue with our range delivery. They delivered, installed and hauled away our old range along with all packing materials and any debris.

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                                Snyder Diamond in Pasadena was happy to sell us a Bosch gas cooktop, but only offered us a list of contractors to install it. Since this included running about 10' of gas line (the old one had been electric) and enlarging the opening in the tile counter this was neither simple nor cheap.

                                They also gave us very limited service with the many problems we had with it, and when the warranty went away they did too.

                              2. since this thread is still here...
                                In general universal appliance. www.universal-akb.com has the most competitive pricing I have found. Unless a manufacturer restricts it, you can find pricing on their site as well.

                                1. Dark horse: Barrett's (in Santa Monica, on Lincoln).

                                  1. I call a man, I've known for years, who recently picked up a Bosch dishwasher for me (my choice in dishwashers) from Atwater Village Pacific Sales.
                                    I was impressed with the pricing, the professional way they handled the transaction and the ease by which the man I know picked it up and brought it to my house and installed it.

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                                        Am I missing out on your sense of humor, or did the OP specifically say on the original request

                                        "... aside from pacific sales... (sic)"?

                                      2. Don't forget about Lowe's and Home Depot. HD has a price match + 10% if you find the same item in stock elsewhere at a lower price.

                                        Howard's is another big appliance dealer that has a huge selection and discounted prices.

                                        1. haven't been to either yet but was able to fill in that mental blank / fleeting recognition that something like these two places exist:



                                          anyone have experience with either?

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                                            found the prices and service at waadt in the sfv to be top notch.

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                                              Albees on Wilshire and Crescent Heights, and Carlson's in Santa Monica. Have dealt with both, always with good results.

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                                              We purchased our Wolf range from Waadt and were very happy with them. The sales person was helpful and their prices were comparable to everyone else. As someone earlier mentioned there isn't much price difference on the high end appliances. They don't install but we used a Wolf authorized installer and received an extra year of warranty.