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Jun 7, 2014 03:31 AM

Rooftop Dinner in DC (26th birthday)

I will be turning 26 in August and I would like to celebrate it by having about 10/11 friends come join me for dinner. Does anyone know of any Rooftop Restaurants in DC?? Food choice doesn't really matter, I just want some great eats, nice drinks and a beautiful scenery. Any suggestions are welcomed. Thanks in advanced!!

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  1. Roses Luxury does have a roof top for private parties.

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      1. re: Tee123

        I believe it's a fixed fee of $1000 and the food is enough for 8-10 people. Not sure if drinks are included.

        1. re: souvac

          It's $125 per person with a $200 deposit to reserve. Drinks aren't included.

    1. I like Perry's in Adams Morgan.

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        Thank you..I'll check this out too!!

        1. re: souvac

          Second Perry's. Used to celebrate a lot of milestones on that roof.

        2. It sounds like you live here so I'm sure you know that in August, the heat and humidity can be brutal and there are often pretty severe thunderstorms.

          There is also POV at the W hotel. It is covered so if there is a downpour, you won't get drenched or have to flee.

          Also, Roofers Union.

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            Yes, I moved here about a year ago..and experienced the extreme heat and thunderstorms..I was actually looking at POV while googling. Thank you for the responses!!

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              heard great things about Roofers Union