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Jun 6, 2014 10:33 PM

help! self doubt about lamb tacos for tomorrow's party

ok, so we're having a party tomorrow and I picked up a boneless leg of lamb that I was sort of thinking of making into tacos. I started pulling the muscles apart tonight and only got half way (I forgot how much work that is!). I really wanted to have the small pieces of lamb to grill to get a better sense of doneness and also because people will be coming and going all day and it would be nice to throw pieces on the grill as people want to eat. Which I guess I'm committed to anyway now as it's half apart.

But now I'm having serious self doubt about what I'm doing. I was thinking of doing this marinade:

but is that right? should I do something else? I'd be fudging the peppers anyway with ground chili powder.

I'm also making this chicken in the slow cooker tomorrow so I have kind of a backup meat that people can have whenever:
I really like it (I just leave out the broth and use frozen TJ chicken thighs) and it's great with just avocado. And the sauce is already made.

But if I just grill the lamb without a marinade what will make it seem like it should go in a taco? I didn't make any slaw or anything, or salsa for that matter. Would a rub be better than a marinade? ack! help me chowhound geniuses! I won't have much time, as I have to make a cake in the morning and watch a toddler too.

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  1. As someone who's a fan of tacos for parties, I'll say that the marinade looks good -- am I missing something? Why are you second guessing yourself? Also, if you just grill the lamb plain, I think that would work too. Clearly you'll have a set up for people to assemble their own tacos, so that will send the message that the lamb pieces are meant to go in the tortillas.

    Wait, though, I'm assuming you'll have a make-your-own-taco setup but maybe you don't if you don't have any salsa. Do you have anything else for people to put on the tacos (shredded lettuce, diced tomato, grated cheese)? Because if not, I'd say you definitely need to marinate the lamb or those could be pretty uninteresting tacos. What else are you serving?

    1. You definitely need salsa, slaw, and other toppings. I'd marinate the lamb.

      1. Tacos without salsa??? You need to rethink this.

          1. I think you need salsa or a slaw topping. Plain tacos (with any kind of meat ) needs a topping.

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              "Plain tacos (with any kind of meat ) needs a topping."

              I tend to agree. However, I don't think it needs to be a sauce or slaw. A squeeze of lime, some cilantro, and chile peppers would work fine for me. Admittedly, I'd go with a salt, pepper, and cumin rub on the lamb a few hours before grilling. I'm not much for wet marinades.