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Jun 6, 2014 09:14 PM

Seattle Trip Recommendations

My wife and I are heading to Seattle with 2 couples. This will be the first trip for my wife and I (and 1 of the other couples) without our kids since they were born about a year ago so we're looking to make the most of it and will try to stay later than we have over the past 18 months. Anyway, we're looking for some recommendations and criticism of our itinerary (see below). Recommendations on things to do (other than eat and drink) would also be appreciated. We're staying at the Doubletree downtown.

Arrive @ 2pm
Check In
HH/Drink – Hotel or Ma’Ono
Dinner – Revel
Drink – Bar Ferdinand

Breakfast – Oddfellows
Pike Place Market
Lunch – Somewhere in Pike’s Place
Pike Place Market / 1st Starbucks
HH/Dinner – Brave Horse Tavern
Mariners Game @ 710pm
Drink – The Gerald or Hotel

Breakfast - ?
Space Needle
Lunch – Elliot’s Oysters
Drink/HH – Spur Gastropub
Dinner – Walrus and Carpenter
Drink – Tavern Law


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  1. Across from the main entrance of PPM is Matt's in the Market

    Love it.

    There are a gazillion coffee places in Seattle. I'd never opt for Starbucks.

    1. toulouse petit for breakfast happy hour or afternoon happy hour

      sculpture park
      chihuly museum

      1. You might want to reorganize your itinerary geographically a bit... For example, the Gerald is near Walrus, but nowhere near the mariners... And Ma'ono to Revel to Bar Ferdinand is a zig zag across town.

        Must you check in first? you could have a drink at Ma'ono on the way in from the airport? Otherwise, I'd move it to before/after the M's game, maybe?

        The Gerald should go near walrus, and you could do Spur when you're coming back from Revel...

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        1. re: dagoose

          Agreed. These places are worthwhile (except for Bravehorse) but why not put Ballard with Ballard and Cap Hill with Cap Hill?

          If I were going to Bar Ferd'nand (which is fine but I wouldn't drive across town for it) I would eat at Mamnoon or Sitka and Spruce and/or Taylor Shellfish.

          1. re: dagoose

            Yes, and that zigzag would not be fun on a weekday between 3-6 pm. Ma'ono opens at 5, so not an early happy hour.

          2. in my opinion, brave horse is kind of a waste. likewise starbucks. also, common mistake: it's pike place, not pike's place.

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            1. re: chartreauxx

              I've never understood the Starbucks fascination. Just walked by the line in front a couple of days ago. There is so much good coffee in Seattle, why go to a chain?

            2. thursday hh/drink-Copperleaf near airport-perfect timing

              friday lunch-Matt's In The Market or Market Grill

              friday dinner-Il Corvo-near your hotel if the Doubletree you refer to is the Arctic Club

              saturday breakfast-Tolouse Petit-very close to Space Needle

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