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Seattle Trip Recommendations

My wife and I are heading to Seattle with 2 couples. This will be the first trip for my wife and I (and 1 of the other couples) without our kids since they were born about a year ago so we're looking to make the most of it and will try to stay later than we have over the past 18 months. Anyway, we're looking for some recommendations and criticism of our itinerary (see below). Recommendations on things to do (other than eat and drink) would also be appreciated. We're staying at the Doubletree downtown.

Arrive @ 2pm
Check In
HH/Drink – Hotel or Ma’Ono
Dinner – Revel
Drink – Bar Ferdinand

Breakfast – Oddfellows
Pike Place Market
Lunch – Somewhere in Pike’s Place
Pike Place Market / 1st Starbucks
HH/Dinner – Brave Horse Tavern
Mariners Game @ 710pm
Drink – The Gerald or Hotel

Breakfast - ?
Space Needle
Lunch – Elliot’s Oysters
Drink/HH – Spur Gastropub
Dinner – Walrus and Carpenter
Drink – Tavern Law


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  1. Across from the main entrance of PPM is Matt's in the Market


    Love it.

    There are a gazillion coffee places in Seattle. I'd never opt for Starbucks.

    1. toulouse petit for breakfast happy hour or afternoon happy hour

      sculpture park
      chihuly museum

      1. You might want to reorganize your itinerary geographically a bit... For example, the Gerald is near Walrus, but nowhere near the mariners... And Ma'ono to Revel to Bar Ferdinand is a zig zag across town.

        Must you check in first? you could have a drink at Ma'ono on the way in from the airport? Otherwise, I'd move it to before/after the M's game, maybe?

        The Gerald should go near walrus, and you could do Spur when you're coming back from Revel...

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          Agreed. These places are worthwhile (except for Bravehorse) but why not put Ballard with Ballard and Cap Hill with Cap Hill?

          If I were going to Bar Ferd'nand (which is fine but I wouldn't drive across town for it) I would eat at Mamnoon or Sitka and Spruce and/or Taylor Shellfish.

          1. re: dagoose

            Yes, and that zigzag would not be fun on a weekday between 3-6 pm. Ma'ono opens at 5, so not an early happy hour.

          2. in my opinion, brave horse is kind of a waste. likewise starbucks. also, common mistake: it's pike place, not pike's place.

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            1. re: chartreauxx

              I've never understood the Starbucks fascination. Just walked by the line in front a couple of days ago. There is so much good coffee in Seattle, why go to a chain?

            2. thursday hh/drink-Copperleaf near airport-perfect timing

              friday lunch-Matt's In The Market or Market Grill

              friday dinner-Il Corvo-near your hotel if the Doubletree you refer to is the Arctic Club

              saturday breakfast-Tolouse Petit-very close to Space Needle

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              1. you might like renting sea kayaks on lake union. doubles are extremely stabile.
                google kerry park for a view.

                parking downtown is not convenient but there are parking lots.

                starbucks #1 is right at pike place market so why not stop just to say you had. better places to grab a snack though.

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                1. re: divadmas

                  little known fact; it's not the first starbuck's. the original one actually burned down. plus, there's always a massive line, especially in tourist season. i'd take some pictures and grab coffee and a bite elsewhere in the market/market area. i like le pichet for coffee and snack. lunch and dinner too.

                2. Ma'ono: Not worth going to unless you want to eat fried chicken. Not to say it isn't good, but it's not worth going to West Seattle after checking into your hotel, then driving to Fremont for dinner. I'd get a drink at the bar next to Revel, Quoin, or get a drink somewhere in Fremont. Somebody else will have better recommendations for bars around there than I will though.

                  Revel: Definitely good, I like their brunch a lot too. I also like The Whale Wins. Totally different, but also in Fremont, check it out.

                  Bar Ferd'nand: Excellent bar. Might try visiting this area in the daytime. The building that houses Ferd'nand has all kinds of good restaurants, sandwich shop, cheese shop, butcher, bar etc that would all be fun to check out. Also has a Taylor Shelfish, judging by your choices of Elliots, and Walrus, you would love Taylor Shellfish. I'd consider wandering around up here before the Mariners game, you can take the train from downtown to the stadium easily. The train (light rail) arrives about a 10 minute walk from Bar Ferd'nand/Melrose Market. Never been to Brave Horse but I'd definitely do Melrose Market area over Brave Horse. There is just no way that BH is as cool as going and checking out all the stuff up in the Melrose Market, and surrounding block. You can easily walk from Pike Place up to the Melrose area. Or go back to the hotel, put on night/ballgame stuff, get to Bar Ferd'nand area at like 4, enjoy shellfish, drinks, cheese etc. then go back down to Westlake station to catch the light rail to the game.

                  Definitely skip the Starbucks at the market, there is literally nothing special about it. If you want to wait in lines, go to Paseos, at least you'll get an epic sandwich for the wait.

                  Saturday breakfasts
                  Harvest Vine: top choice
                  Geraldines in Columbia City
                  Le Pichet or Cafe Campagne downtown

                  Kubota Gardens
                  Madison Park Conservatory
                  Seward Park

                  I highly recommend Spur, great drinks and food. Not much of a happy hour though, definitely worth doing a dinner here imo. The drive from Spur to Walrus and back to the city could be a pain.

                  Space Needle is a waste of time too imo. If you want a good view go up to the Columbia Tower. Used to have meetings in the club at the top, views are extremely good from up there.

                  I'd definitely plug all your locations into a google map just to see where everything is. You'll probably be surprised how far away some things are. Dagoose is right.

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                  1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

                    We stopped at the Ballard Paseo's after taking little grandson to the locks yesterday. Got there right after they opened at 11 and Bob had #16 :) Soooo worth it.

                    1. re: c oliver

                      Oh ya, Ballard locks plus Paseos is an awesome Seattle experience. I used to (still do) love the locks when I was a kid and visited Seattle, same with Gasworks and the Troll.

                      1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

                        There weren't many fish yet but the 50 meter yacht that went through was quite the eye candy :)

                    2. re: EatFoodGetMoney

                      What conservatory is in Madison park? The restaurant by that name is closed. Are you thinking the conservatory/greenhouse in volunteer park?

                      1. re: babette feasts

                        Oh, yes, I totally meant Volunteer Park Conservatory. MPC did close. Nice catch, could have been awfully confusing otherwise.

                        1. re: EatFoodGetMoney


                          I do love the volunteer park conservatory!

                          1. re: babette feasts

                            Thanks for clarifying -- I am avidly transcribing all the places to work off calories that are being mentioned between the chow tips :-)

                    3. All, thank you for your information. I have revised my itinerary with your recommendations and adjusting for proximity. Any further criticism would be greatly appreciated.

                      Drink Hotel
                      Activity Pike Place Market (Starbucks)
                      Dinner Revel (pre-drink @ Quoin?
                      Drink Brave Horse Tavern

                      Breakfast Oddfellows
                      Activity Melrose Market
                      Lunch Melrose Market (Taylor's Shellfish?)
                      Drink Bar Ferdinand
                      Dinner / HH Spur Gastropub
                      Activity Marniners Game @ 710pm
                      Drink Hotel or ?

                      Breakfast Toulous Petit
                      Activity Space Needle
                      Lunch Elliots Oysters
                      Activity OPEN
                      Dinner The Walrus & the Carpenter
                      Activity / Drink Sunset Tavern Concert

                      Go home

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                      1. re: krisroth

                        If you are going to Taylor's and Walrus and Carpenter, you could probably sub something for Elliot's since really good oysters are availble at both of those places. If the object is oysters here is another list to consider:
                        Also, several write - ups agree that the view from the Columbia towers obsevation deck is better than the Space Needle and its about $10 less.

                        1. re: krisroth

                          Considering what you've read here I remain curious about the Starbucks stop :) BTW, there are a ton of cool food and kitchen places on those blocks where you can better spend your money.

                          1. re: c oliver

                            Thanks for the info. Any recommendations for a lunch spot to replace Elliot's? I think we'll make the switch to the Columbia Tower. I doubt we will go into the Starbucks, but my wife wants to see it (happy wife, etc). Any suggestions on the food and kitchen places in that neighborhood or coffee spots?

                            1. re: krisroth

                              As I wrote above, we love Matt's in the Market. You'll walk right by the Starbucks which is totally non-descript (and I read here that the original actually burned down). It's about two or three blocks so you can walk everything in a few.

                              1. re: krisroth

                                There is a Taylor Shellfish now in Queen Anne, near Space Needle/Toulouse/Seattle Center/EMP/Chihuly/Gates visitor center. Open for lunch.

                                Melrose Market isn't an "activity" per se, it's small, but if you stroll up to Elliott Bay Books there's some shopping in Capitol Hill.

                              2. re: c oliver

                                I've been told that this Starbucks store sells a special Starbucks mug that you can't get at any other store. I know people that collect their mugs--I've been given the assignment to bring them a new one from my travels. Maybe that's his reason--maybe it's something else. Honestly, what's it to us?

                                We can sneer and look down our noses all we like, but not everybody's sole priority is the very most acclaimed or the hippest food and beverage. The guy has heard our input (six people so far have disparaged this choice) and he still wants to go to the Pike Place Starbucks. Let him--he doesn't need to explain or defend it any further.

                              3. re: krisroth

                                Though it may be considered a bit touristy, the Argosy Cruises trip to Tillicum Village on Blake Island could be your activity and your replacement for Elliot's lunch on Saturday. Salmon cooked over cedar is very tasty. Boat leaves from near Elliot's on the waterfront. Worth looking at I think.

                                1. re: bighound

                                  Better yet, take a ferry ride to Bainbridge for the water views, and view back to Seattle Skyline, and lunch in Winslow at Restaurant Marche for an upscale lunch, or the Harbor Public House for nice locally-sourced pub lunch (the deck is great on a nice day, and the fish and chips are great!).

                                  1. re: gingershelley

                                    Or Hitchcock Deli. We had some of their sandwiches last time we were over on the Island and they were yummy. Outdoor seating with overhead heaters were nice also.

                                    1. re: venice4504

                                      Definitely agree on Hitchcock over harbor pub. The new art museum over there is nice, too.

                                    2. re: gingershelley

                                      I also love the Argosy lake cruise that takes you past Bill Gates's house.

                                  2. re: krisroth

                                    W&C is small and can have long lines. If you are coming to Ballard for dinner and a concert at the Sunset, you might consider hitting the Locks before dinner. There are lots of places along Ballard Avenue (W&C on the southern end and Sunset sort of middle to north end) to window shop/grab drinks, including the Gerald which was on your prior list. If you like beer, the Noble Fir is a good place.

                                  3. i'd consider rock creek, list, shiro's, nishino, le pichet, stoneburner, von's 1000 spirits, steelhead diner, and the lost pelican.

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                                    1. If weather permits, you can do a lot of walking. Downtown to volunteer park is probably 2 miles and includes a hill. Good exercise. You could walk to the space needle too, maybe a little closer and flatter. Or walk up to westlake and take the monorail one direction or the other.