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Jun 6, 2014 07:06 PM

Restaurants Near the Terrasse Royale Hotel

Hubby is attending a meeting at a nearby university. There are no hotels really close by, so the organizers recommended the Terrasse Royale. We are unfamiliar with this part of the city. I will be on my own most days. What is close by? Where can I have a nice lunch by myself? Where should we have dinner? We have sampled many of the fine restaurants of Montreal and love Canadienne cuisine and usually stop in both Schwartz's and Pied de Cochon when we visit. You should also know that I use a mobility scooter to get around, so if we will be walking to lunch or dinner from the hotel we will need a place that is accessible. Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

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  1. I Googled the name of this place - is it 5225 Côte-des-Neiges Road? Some of my favourite places are actually in that part of town, but it's definitely off the tourist beaten track. A few of my faves are:

    Tuk Tuk - Cambodian & Thai

    Brit & Chips - fish & chips

    Rayan - fish & seafood with an Egyptian twist

    La Saigonnaise - Vietnamese & Thai

    Some of these places are down a few stairs, you'll likely need to call for detailed accessibility info depending on your needs. Also keep in mind that Côte-des-Neiges Road is a steep street in some parts, depending how far north you go.

    1. A few other ideas in this thread:

      Please let us know if it's the right hotel. :-)

      1. If his conference is at Université de Montréal, it is extremely close by, practically around the corner. If it is at Concordia University, he just has to take the Côte-des-Neiges bus south to Guy station and he's there. A little less handy for McGill or UQAM, but not hard.

        Bistro Olivieri, a restaurant in a bookshop, is on the ground floor of the same building as the hotel, and I know that it is accessible in terms of being on ground level (I don't remember the toilets, but it shouldn't be a problem with the same building). Jason Lee of Shut up and eat! food blog was sceptical, but really liked the place; I've been there a few times but more for work-related reasons.

        It has a beautiful terrasse in the back, which is lovely in the summertime.

        The food features a lot of local Québec products, but also has a French-Italian-Mediterranean tendency (I studied alongside some of the founders of the place, in "Études italiennes").

        It has had its ups and downs, but will give you a sense of "intellectual life" here. I've never had a bad meal or bistro snack there.

        I also noticed that the "chocolate shop" (and café) Leonidas is also on the ground floor. I've never been to that branch, but their other branch on avenue du Parc has good coffee at a reasonable price, and I see that breakfast there seems to be included in your stay. If it is just a "continental" breakfast and you need some protein in the morning, see my comments about extremely-nearby grocery shops.

        Côte-des-Neiges is also extremely multicultural, and not only in the rarified intellectual sense embodied by Olivieri.

        The downward slope a few blocks north of there and some restaurants down the stairs should not overshadow the extent to this neighbourhood where there are several hospitals and medical centres can be accommodating to people of limited mobility.

        For lunch by yourself, I'd definitely recommend the German/Austrian/Central European Boucherie Atlantique on the western side of Côte des Neiges (a flat and well-marked crossing). It isn't just a butcher shop but also a nice delicatessen and grocery, and they have simple but good lunches at noon with a lot of fresh produce. Very close by, there is a Metro supermarket and a greengrocer - According to the website, the suites in your hotel have fridges and either a range or a multi-function microwave.

        1. I just tried Rayan today. My mom and dad joined me for lumch thre, and we all agree, three thumbs up. We truly enjoyed the gracious service,generous portions, and sincere middle eastern hospitality. Seafood served in a simple unpretentious setting, Definitely a good choice here. My favorite menu item so far would be the rich seafood soup, but the side dish of gsrlic grilled vegetables was also a knockout punch..Accessability wise, however, so so.

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            Yes, Rayan is good. I didn't recommend it to mrsphud because of the accessibility issue. Don't suppose they deliver? It is a very casual, family place and hubby could pick food up there, and you enjoy it together in your suite.

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              Yes,tes, a capital idea. Take out is available, and, paired with a good wine (rayan has no liquor license)supper becomes a special occasion without much fussing.Bravo.

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                Yes, they are halal (well, there are halal byow South Asian places on Jean-Talon W, but Rayan is "seriously" halal. As for buying a bottle of wine, there is a SAQ (government-monopoly-on-good-wines shop, for our visitor) on Côte-des-Neiges right across the street from the hotel.

          2. Thank you friends. It turns out that a medical problem has kept me at home, so hubby is on his way there by himself on the train. We have printed off your recommendations and he will pass them out to friends attending the same conference. Hopefully I will be well enough to attend another meeting planned for October in Ottawa. We will probably stop in Montreal on our way to the capitol.

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              Oh, I'm sorry, mrsphud! The weather is really nice now.

              Remember to post your requests for Ottawa on the Ontario board, but it is right on the border, and any requests for Gatineau and other nearby towns go on this board. I remember a very good meal at Les Fougères in Chelsea, Québec, but that was some years ago. They also produce a lot of (good) tourtières and other food items now, so I hope it hasn't become a bit of a factory in the meantime.

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                Les Fougères is still great (went sometime last year and my parents go twice a month), They have a side store now and indeed they sell a lot of frozen and ready to eat items, but I cant say that I noticed that the food quality in the restaurant went down (not that I go that often).

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                  Good to know; I went there with (extended) family some years back and it was a good location for an multigenerational get-together, involving omnivores and at least one vegetarian. And I don't think there are any accessibility issues (for the opening poster).

                  Here in Mtl, they have a good selection of their frozen tourtières and savoury tarts at JTM.