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Jun 6, 2014 04:55 PM

Avgolemono: make ahead?

Our dinner club is having a Greek-themed dinner soon and I'm going to make avgolemono. Since at least part of it has to be transported, can it be made ahead and (gently) reheated? Or should the final stages, including whisking the eggs, better be done on-site?

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  1. The soup? The sauce? More info, please, but whichever, my inclination is to not reheat.

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    1. re: zeldaz51

      Soup. My inclination too but I've never made it before. I may make a batch in advance doing half each way.

      1. re: CWick

        Oh for the soup, you have to wait to add the egg until just before serving. Really. If you make the soup with orzo, the orzo does a better job of not collapsing than the rice version. If you plan to use rice, consider straining the broth to transport the broth in one container and the cooked rice in another. Frothing the eggs a lot before adding to the simmering broth gives you a really nice texture and prevents egg clots.

          1. re: CWick

            yea, i agree. i tried to make it ahead of time not too long ago....and it separated. It tasted fine, but looked strange.
            adding it at the last minute is much better....
            and i agree with the orzo rec as well...