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Jun 6, 2014 04:35 PM

Other English muffin brands besides Thomas?

Perhaps more than any other product I can think of, supermarkets have a knack for making sure their Thomas' English muffins are conspicuously displayed, especially when they are on sale. I know this because English muffins are never on my shopping list, but I always seem to walk out with a 6-pack or two. It made me realize that I can't think of any other brands, except for supermarkets that have a store brand. Wonder Bread used to have them but they were pretty awful. Is anyone fond of other brands I can seek out?

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    1. re: Uncle Bob

      Bay's seem to be a little thicker...and possibly better than thomas'

        1. re: alkapal

          I agree too. Bay's have started showing up in NJ (mainly in the Stop N Shop stores) and are miles better than Thomas' (especially since Thomas' is now made by a different company, Bimbo Bakeries. I noticed a change even before I learned there was a new entity making the product)

          1. re: The Professor

            Bay's seem to be a constant offering in the King's markets in Morris County; in the Stop&Shops around here, not so much.

            1. re: The Professor

              Bays' are my favorite, and I was very (pleasantly!) surprised to find them at a Target in NJ recently.

        2. re: Uncle Bob

          The first time I saw Bay's in the dairy counter I thought some shopper had misplaced them. I bought them and liked them and when I looked for them again on the "usual" shelf, along with the Thomas's, I was surprised to learn that they actually do get stocked in the refrigerated section. They are good, though, and I prefer them to Thomas's.

            1. re: cheesecake17

              Re: the Trader Joe's English Muffins - Are they closer to Bay's or to Thomas' EMs? Because I finally tried Bay's English muffins earlier this year and I was very disappointed. They're the only English muffin I've ever tried that came out of the toaster softer than when it went in.

              1. re: mcsheridan

                " They're the only English muffin I've ever tried that came out of the toaster softer than when it went in."

                I think you have to leave them in the toaster a tad longer....or buy a new toaster.

                1. re: grampart

                  It's not the color that's off, but the texture.

                  1. re: mcsheridan

                    I use Bays and toast them dark. They aren't "soft" by any stretch of the imagination.

                2. re: mcsheridan

                  I find that the texture is different.
                  I prefer the Thomas or store brand (shoprite)

                  1. re: cheesecake17

                    I prefer Thomas' as well, even though they're not what they once were. Still, I'm going to try making my own later this year.

                    1. re: cheesecake17

                      Picked up a pack of Thomas' English muffins yesterday (They were out of Bays). They were not like I remember, although it has been several years since I last bought them.

                      The texture was very soft / gooey - about like a Krispy Kreme donut or a wad of Wonder bread. Not too good - likely way too much dough conditioner (monoglycerides and diglycerides?) to extend shelf life. Definitely not of the quality they used to be.

                  1. re: monavano

                    Wolferman's are like pillows! I guess they're english muffins but they are still soft in the middle after toasting and don't seem to have as many nooks and crannies....

                    1. re: Ttrockwood

                      Definitely not like fork-split nooks and crannies.

                      1. re: monavano

                        I was given some as a gift and they came with their own splitter. Talk about a unitasker and now I don't know what to do with it.


                        1. re: chowser

                          Make your own English Mufgins and that splitter will come in handy.

                          1. re: chowser

                            You could turn it into 2 Afro combs.

                            1. re: chowser

                              Awwwww man! I didn't get a splitter!

                              1. re: chowser

                                Hahaha! Too funny!
                                I say you order someone else wolferman's as a gift and regift the splitter... ;)

                        2. We've preferred Pepperidge Farm over Thomas's for a number of years, preferring the crispness of a PP vs. the highly dough conditioner filled (excessive mono & diglycerides to maintain extended shelf life / softness) Thomas's.

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                          1. re: Clams047

                            don't know if i've ever seen those!