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Jun 6, 2014 04:33 PM

Azul Tequila - Long Branch

Anybody been? Drove past recently and stopped in to grab a menu. It's located on western Broadway in a spot that has featured a changing assortment of Asian restaurants over the better part of 40 years. Nice looking dining room...


Facebook page:

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  1. We have been a few times and enjoyed the experience. Pleasant service, interesting menu and authentic food. Very relaxing low key evenings.

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    1. re: njshorefolks

      Might have to see how their Tostadas de Ceviche compare to those at El Oaxaqueno. Their Coctel de Camerones are pretty pricey compared to other places (and appear in 2 places on the menu at different prices... what's with that?).

      1. re: equal_Mark

        Hmmmmmmm! have to check it out when in the area..

        I remember a Pan Asian, and a Brazilian restaurant in that space before also that folded.

    2. In case anyone is interested, there is a Groupon for Azul Tequila up right now. After looking at the menu Mark posted, it doesn't seem like a very good deal unless prices went up significantly, which of course they may have.



      1. Waited 30 minutes for drinks an hour and a half for meals very unorganized was not a happy customer

        1. Horrible experience. Will never go back. Whatever you do, don't order the fajitas. Portions are very small, and food is meh.

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          1. re: JaspersMom

            some 1 hit wonders we are dealing with here LOL

            2 of them in a row...interesting.