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2014 Soccer World Cup viewing locations in L.A. area

Soccer's 2014 World Cup runs June 12 thru July 12, and features 32 different nations' teams. Here is a list I've compiled of eateries at which the games may be viewed on TV. All are in reasonable areas, and are comfortable for women. Recommended to arrive 1 hour early to get parking and a seat; sometimes even earlier, as noted. It's most fun to watch a particular team's game in a venue corresponding to that country.

U.S.A.: Soooo many all-American sportsbars; you shouldn’t have to look very far! Of them, ESPN Live in downtown would be the most dazzling and exciting spot in L.A. to cheer on America.

ALGERIA: unknown, if any.

ARGENTINA: El Morfi in Glendale, 241 N. Brand Blvd.

AUSTRALIA: No strictly Aussie venue in L.A.; but any of the British pubs (see England) draw the Aussie element. Probably the best of them in this case would be the Cock ‘n’ Bull in Santa Monica, as the U.S.-Australian Football League throws its parties there. 2947 Lincoln Blvd.

BELGIUM: No Belgian venue known in L.A.; however, there is a vibrant and Cup-enthused one in Orange County: Brussels Bistro, 222 Forest Ave., Laguna Beach.

BOSNIA/HERZEGOVINA: None. (The only Bosnian venue in L.A., Aroma Café at 2530 Overland Ave., does not have a TV, and says they will not install one for the games.)

BRAZIL: As Brazil is hosting the Cup, expect any ethnic Brazilian venue to be PACKED, and lineups outside the door well in advance.

The L.A. Brazilian expat community is centered in the Culver City/Palms area. Consequently this is where you will find the most spirited venues; as follows:

Café Brasil, 11736 W. Washington Blvd. This is the best bet in true Brazilian hangs. A smallish restaurant; get there EARLY and stay put. If you’re super-serious you can stay on the premises at their motel, a small and colorful enclave of tiny rooms at about $100 each.

Bella Vista Brazilian Pizza, 10826 Venice Blvd. My choice for the opening ceremonies; reason being it is soccer-friendly and most spacious. MAKE A RESERVATION. (310) 558-2374

Café Brasil, 10831 Venice Blvd. Directly across the street from the above pizza place; a small “palapa shack” outdoorsy vibe with luscious exotic menu. Will be packed to the rafters, so your only hope is to get there very, very early and stay put.

CAMEROON: No strictly Cameroonian venue in L.A., though rumor has it that the Industry Jazz & Café in Culver City has Cameroonian presence. Alternatively you may want to try a pan-African restaurant such as Nkechi African Café, 2717 W. Manchester Blvd., Inglewood.

CHILE: Rincon Chileno in East Hollywood, 4352 Melrose Ave. Last Cup they inflicted a surprise $20 “cover charge” on everyone’s bill at the end of the game. Skanky, but still worth it once to experience a Chile game in the midst of their SoCal expat community.

COLOMBIA: La Fonda Antioquena, 5125 Melrose Ave.

COSTA RICA: unknown in L.A. but a google brought up the following in Orange County: Costa Rica Restaurant, 2500 W. Lincoln Ave., Anaheim.

CROATIA: unknown, if any. Try Alpine Village in Torrance, due to the heavy Croat expat presence in nearby San Pedro. 833 W. Torrance Blvd.

ECUADOR: El Caserio, 401 Silver Lake Blvd.

ENGLAND: Ye Olde Kings Head in Santa Monica (arrive 2 hours prior to game if you want a seat/table. Otherwise it’s just barstools, or standing. Minimum $20 food/drink purchase required per seated table. It will be packed and get “sold out” prior to gametime. Again, arrive very early. Park in nearby City garages) 116 Santa Monica Blvd.

A couple others for the Anglophiles are:
Cat & Fiddle in Hollywood at 6530 Sunset Blvd. (arrive at least 90 minutes early)
Lucky Baldwin’s in Old Pasadena, 17 S. Raymond Ave. (arrive at least 1 hour early). Parking in the City garage next door.

FRANCE: There is the lounge of the Freres Taix Restaurant in Echo Park, always a great place to watch a game (and dine) though it’s only one aged bigscreen and a bit blurry. Plus they’re not exactly expats there; the Taix family has been in L.A. for over a hundred years. But again, still a great place and gem of L.A. 321 Sunset Blvd.

GERMANY: Alpine Village in Torrance. Literally hundreds of people show up for Germany games. Arrive at least 1 hour prior if you want a seat at a table. Plenty of parking. A great venue to see the games. 833 W. Torrance Blvd.

Re the Red Lion in SilverLake: This venue no longer has TVs in its beergarden; which means only about three in its interior, all smallscreens. The place will be PACKED, and involves a 2-3 hour advance wait in line on the sidewalk outside if you want to get in (let alone get a table). On a normal day it’s a great place, but unfortunately too difficult and no guarantees during the Cup. Go for Alpine Village instead.

GHANA: unknown, if any. You may want to try a pan-African restaurant such as Nkechi African Café, 2717 W. Manchester Blvd., Inglewood.

GREECE: Ulysses Voyage at Farmers Market, 3rd & Fairfax, L.A. 90036

BOSNIA/HERZEGOVINA: None. (The only Bosnian venue in L.A., Aroma Café at 2530 Overland Ave., does not have a TV, and says they will not install one for the games.)

HOLLAND/NETHERLANDS: Springbok, 16153 Victory Blvd., Van Nuys.

HONDURAS: Two equally swell venues:
El Katracho, 14838 Burbank Blvd., Van Nuys, has 2 rooms and numerous TVs of different sizes.
Honduras Kitchen, 2409 E. Slauson Ave. @ Santa Fe, Huntington Park, has 4 small TVs, is a soccer-heavy establishment with even a gift shop featuring Team Honduras paraphernalia.

IRAN: (still researching…check back for an update)

ITALY: unknown, if any.


KOREA: Two equally excellent sportsbars, both located on the same block in Koreatown:
Biergarten, 206 N. Western Ave.
Piper’s, 222 N. Western Ave. Spacious free parking lot.

JAPAN: Miyako Hybrid Hotel in Torrance. Large screening area set up in a ground floor room; plus adjacent bar/restaurant a couple doors down the hall. Very exciting! 21381 S. Western Ave.

MEXICO: Like for the U.S.A., plenty and you shouldn’t have to look very far! A couple good examples are:
Guelaguetza, 3014 W. Olympic Blvd.
The Mexican Village Restaurant, 3668 Beverly Blvd.

NETHERLANDS/HOLLAND: Springbok, 16153 Victory Blvd., Van Nuys.

NIGERIA: Totos in Van Nuys, 15355 Sherman Way.
Also: Veronica’s Kitchen, at 528 W. Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, is tiny, with only 7-8 tables and one monitor; but it could be fun!

PORTUGAL: Natas, Ventura Blvd., 13317 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks. This is a TINY place with only one monitor, limited seating and probably no standing; you must arrive early.

RUSSIA: Traktir Restaurant, 8151 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood. $9 valet parking lot adjacent.

SPAIN: Two venues for the team who won it all in 2010:
Spain Restaurant in the Edendale neighborhood, at 1866 Glendale Blvd.; offers Spanish cuisine, and despite the Argentinian origin of its proprietors, they will be rooting for Spain! Also:
Little Spain Restaurant at the Farmers Market, 3rd & Fairfax, L.A.

SWITZERLAND: The Chalet Edelweiss in Westchester, not far from LAX; 8740 Sepulveda Blvd.

URUGUAY: unknown, if any.

U.S.A.: Soooo many all-American sportsbars; you shouldn’t have to look very far! Of them, ESPN Live in downtown would be the most dazzling and exciting spot in L.A. to cheer on America.

All contents herein © 2014, C. Cousteau. You are welcome to share this info privately with friends & family. However, no PUBLIC duplication, re-posting, etc. etc. is authorized without Cousteau’s prior clearance. Violation is theft so just ask first, k? Thanxxx ...

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  1. great post. thanks for all the info. For fans of the tri colori, piccolo paradiso on s. Beverly is a good spot where you can enjoy tasty vittles with some Italian fans and watch the games on their flatscreen.

    PS, always wondered about Pipers as I drive by it to downtown...I imagined some kind of Scottish restaurant out of "So I married an axe murderer" ... but, Korean?!

    1. This is a brilliant brilliant post.

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      1. re: set0312

        Thank you for your kind kind words, set0312! :-D

      2. Great list! Let me add one spot, but I don't know if it's home to a particular fan base. Euro Caffe on north side of Little Santa Monica, one door east of Camden, is a big soccer fan venue. Has the feel of a small bar in a European town. Definitely doesn't feel like it's in the heart of BH. Really good coffee drinks - it's an espresso bar - and nice selection of Italian wines by the glass. Italian is often the common language there, so maybe Italia is the home team.

        1. Eatalian in Gardena has a big screen and roots hard for italy. I would imagine their Culver City branch is also a venue for soccer.

          1. Desanos on santa monica & edgemont always has soccer playing on several big screens-great pizza-no beer or wine :-(
            Huge parking lot a plus !!!!

            1. Desanos on santa monica & edgemont always has soccer playing on several big screens-great pizza-no beer or wine :-(
              Huge parking lot a plus !!!! !

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              1. re: alison

                Damn, still no beer and wine there?

              2. Awesome! Thank you for posting this info!

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                1. re: Kat

                  You're welcome, Kat! Glad you liked it! :-D

                2. What a great list! Thank you.

                  1. Since Springbok is South African, not sure whether the Dutch mention is true, or just becoming a substitute for the fact that South Africa is not in the tournament.
                    Might want to check into that one.

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                    1. re: carter

                      The Springbok entry is based on the large number of L.A. Dutch expats who go specifically there to view the Netherlands team.

                    2. Somewhere to watch the Brits on the west side (even during breakfast): Hot Red Bus.

                      Not sure what they'll be serving for breakfast though...

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                      1. re: TonyC

                        Hot Red Bus is in Alhambra, as opposed to the West Side. They are advertising as a Cup viewing locale, and opening early for thus; with giveaways during the USA and England matches. Could indeed be a good venue for the Anglophiles!

                        1. re: CCousteau

                          Sorry, I meant "other than" on the west side.

                          They're doing the full english fry-up for morning games:

                          1. re: TonyC

                            Hot Red Bus had no fry-up for yesterday's morning game; and wasn't even ready to cook, though they did their best to accommodate. It's a colorful venue with a lot of fun Brit decor. Team England is out of the contest, but Hot Red Bus's two bigscreens (with a third one planned for the streetside patio) will be on for the final teams' later-in-the-day games the remainder of the Cup.

                            1. re: CCousteau

                              awwww shucks. were you able to at least get some chips and curry sauce? and a pint?

                              1. re: TonyC

                                I was able to get an order of fish & chips, and yes the house curry sauce. The fish prep was a tad unusual as there appeared to be a touch of curry in the batter. Fries were slender and skin-on. I didn't try for the pint as it was too early in the morning for me to start that sort of thing. :-p

                        1. My understanding is that Taix on Sunset in Echo Park is covering all of the games. Here is a calendar:

                          Apparently I have lost the ad, but the site says they open at 8:30 AM for the games and serve breakfast in the 321 Lounge.

                          Normally they only serve lunch/dinner.

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                          1. I just watched the opener at the Brazilian restaurant, Tropicalia, on N. Hillhurst. Good time, good beer selection and excellent service. There were lots of Brazil fans, too.

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                            1. re: jesther

                              I went to Gaucho's Village in Glendale on Brand. It was crazy, lots of fanfare -- live music, samba dancers -- along with tons of big screens and lots of beer. OH, and the food -- great churrascaria-style buffet (although with a very long line). All you can eat for $32. Huge Brazilian contingent, of course.

                            2. The Talpa in West LA seems to be playing all the games, has a full bar, a $5.75 weekday lunch special, and isn't too loud or crowded on a Friday at 1pm.

                              1. Beer Belly is having numerous events:

                                1 Reply
                                1. re: wienermobile

                                  beer belly does not open their kitchen until 5 pm, regardless of the games so keep that in mind.

                                2. ITALY: Trattoria Bella Roma, 1509 S. Robertson Blvd. (although closed Mondays)

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                                  1. re: CCousteau

                                    ITALY: Settebello, multiple locations. Freebies if Italy wins.

                                    1. re: CCousteau

                                      The Bella Roma is offering a gametime all-u-can-eat breakfast buffet of bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, and scalloped spuds; for $10. This was a really good deal! Plus (for add'l charge) Italian pastries and all the espresso drinks you know and love.

                                    2. I was at the Fairfax Plan Check when England/Italy played. Not a big crowd....but an enthusiastic one. And yes....great post. Thanks!

                                      1. I was at the Fairfax Plan Check when England/Italy played. Not a big crowd....but an enthusiastic one. And yes....great post. Thanks!
                                        Also....Osteria Momma was doing something for one of Italy's first game....

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                                        1. re: perk

                                          fresh roasted goat with a side of headbutting for the brits?

                                        2. KOREA: Re the venue "Biergarten," in order to get a seat for any Team Korea games, an advance reservation is needed. (323) 466-4860

                                          1. GERMANY: Re the Red Lion Tavern, at 2366 Glendale Blvd.: the venue is indeed placing a TV in their beergarden area, but for Team Germany games only. All Germany games will be PACKED. To get in, arrive at least 2-3 hours early and be prepared to wait in line on the sidewalk outside.

                                            1 Reply
                                            1. re: CCousteau

                                              GERMANY/RED LION TAVERN UPDATE: The TV in the beergarden is not all that large, nor set up too high. It's on a portable stand. Way-early arrival is key to getting a viewable seat out there. There are still the several TVs in the indoor rooms, but frankly they're on the small side and technology has surpassed them.

                                            2. JAPAN: Bar Nirvana in the Little Tokyo district, 314 E. 1st Street. Friendly, young-ish crowd.

                                              1. ccousteau, many thanks for one of the most useful and pleasant and b.s. free posts ever on chowhound.

                                                2 Replies
                                                1. re: misterdudeguy

                                                  Well you're welcome! I wouldn't know, as I am a new member who enlisted basically for the World Cup purpose.

                                                  There are updates to this thread, so I hope you keep readin'. Thanx again. :)

                                                  Miss Cousteau xo

                                                2. CHILE update: Rincon Chileno, for today's Chile game, did not inflict the $20 cover charge, as they did back in 2010. A betterment. And today was a great time; they won!

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                                                  1. re: CCousteau

                                                    Keep these pots coming Ms. Cousteau.

                                                  2. The Germans in L.A, either watch the World Cup at the Goethe Institute, 5750 Wilshire Blvd. (big screen) or at the Wirtshaus on 345 N. La Brea (several screens throughout the restaurant). Early arrival recommended in both places. Nobody goes to Alpine Village unless you live close.

                                                    3 Replies
                                                    1. re: svollmer

                                                      Thanks for pointing out Wirtshaus; it indeed has a big German emphasis. But it's not a large place, so arrive at least 1 hour early, and allow extra time to find parking, i.e. on an unrestricted residential street.

                                                      But I would not include the Goethe Institute in my list, as it is not a culinary venue; which is the bottom line of this site (Chowhound.com) and the basis of the venues comprising my list. All Goethe has is water and Becks Beer.

                                                      I live 35 miles away from Alpine Village but have always gone there for World Cup, the venue's various festivals, and to grocery shop. Not "living close" does not stop everyone.


                                                      1. re: svollmer

                                                        I mentioned in one of the early posts on this threat that the Euro Caffe on little SM in BH is a hotspot for soccer watching (and the home team is Italia, as reflected by the dozen posters of Italian pro teams on the wall). But it was packed on Saturday with German speakers for the Germany - Ghana game. And this afternoon there was a pretty vocal contingent supporting Mexico.

                                                        1. re: Wayno

                                                          big fiesta at fridas on s. beverly today with international flags decorating the street...somewhat crappy tv action but hey mexico is moving on and they have nice vittles and a full bar too

                                                      2. Mexico Village: Not crowded for Mexico games and the food is good. However, the volume of the television is played at excruciating levels. Even during the halftime and after the game, the TV is blaring. I would not watch another game there.

                                                        1739 Public House: A huge crowd for the US opener against Ghana. The servers were aplenty and kept the drinks going. I can only imagine it will be c-r-a-z-y for the game on Sunday.

                                                        Good: A mellow place to watch the games.

                                                        1. Mexico Village: Not crowded for Mexico games and the food is good. However, the volume of the television is played at excruciating levels. Even during the halftime and after the game, the TV is blaring. I would not watch another game there.

                                                          1739 Public House: A huge crowd for the US opener against Ghana. The servers were aplenty and kept the drinks going. I can only imagine it will be c-r-a-z-y for the game on Sunday.

                                                          Good: A mellow place to watch the games.

                                                          1. USA is up for another epic game tomorrow.

                                                            Any ideas for a great place to watch?

                                                            I'm looking for some place comfortable with some nice wine to sip until game time. Then a good place for a late lunch or early dinner. Then more good wine until it becomes too late and/or too wild to stay.

                                                            After looking around, I seem to be back at my default World Cup place because it's somewhat close: 321 Lounge at Taix French.

                                                            I know they're comfortable but not sure about World Cup crowd conditions ... the USA surprisingly won the first round, now comes the second.

                                                            I know they can handle a need for good {French] wine for sipping. And good French lunch and dinner options.

                                                            Any other ideas for good USA World Cup viewing tomorrow? And may the USA WIN!!!

                                                            1 Reply
                                                            1. re: SilverlakeGirl

                                                              Casey's Irish Pub on 6th and Grand in DTLA?: http://213nightlife.com/caseysirishpub

                                                              There's always a lively crowd there watching the games. And lots of TV screens and tables.

                                                            2. Caught the game at Te'Kila hollywood yesterday. Light crowd, meaning you could find a table @3:30p if you were lucky but no massive lines or anything.

                                                              Of note was the ridiculously awesome all day SUNDAY happy hour. $5 watered down margs (+$5 for additional patron shot), $15 beer buckets, $5 taco sampler/wings (there were like 8 wings for 5 bucks!!!)/meatless nachos.

                                                              I would happily suggest this place for Sunday games.

                                                              1. KOREA: Re Piper's, a reservation is needed for the Team Korea games. 323 465-7701

                                                                1. U.S.A.: I found out the hard way that ESPN Zone at L.A. Live no longer exists (closed 3 months ago, apparently). However, the establishment which assumed its spot, Tom's Urban, is again a sportsbar. It draws a young (i.e. 20- and 30-somethings) crowd, is very, very loud, and has a semi-pricey menu which offerings could be described as, um, "adventurous" (especially for a sportsbar). It took 1 hour for me to get a simple order of bar fries. The bartendress did a nice make-good with a free drink, but I don't think I'll be going back.

                                                                  Instead, the 1739 Public House in Los Feliz is a winner. Many TVs, spacious, with reasonable and varied menu. See ya there...and GO U.S.A.! :-D

                                                                  1 Reply
                                                                  1. re: CCousteau

                                                                    U.S.A. UPDATE: Re the 1739 Public House, get there 2 hours (yes, TWO HOURS) in advance if you want to get a seat/table of your liking. Despite being double-decked and spacious, the place will be packed. Heads-up the host is not amenable to seating multiperson parties who have not arrived in their entirety as gametime encroaches. For food, the venue is serving a fixed short menu of several choices around $8 ea. including waffles, pancakes, breakfast burrito/wrap, etc. My breakfast sandwich (egg/bacon/ham/lettuce/tomato, served with fries) and frittata chunk (asparagus, parmesan) were quite tasty. Bring earplugs, and GO U.S.A. !!! :-D

                                                                  2. JAPAN UPDATE: It turned out the Miyako Hybrid did not have a folding chairs/screening room setup; but instead shifted viewing opportunity to its fabulous onsite bar/restaurant, the Gonpacho. Two crystal-sharp Toshiba bigscreens in the bar area showed Japan unfortunately go down yesterday. But keep venue in mind for 2018! :-D

                                                                    1. BRAZIL UPDATE: The Bella Vista Brazilian Pizzeria is ditching its regular menu during games, and instead doing a $20 all-u-can-eat buffet of caesar salad, lemonade, Pepsi, and a wide variety of pizzas. Most of the "pizzas" are what have charitably come to be known as "flatbreads"; they are topped with items such as beef stroganoff, hard-cooked egg slices, squash, a rather bland Brazilian sausage, or are plain "white" pizzas, and so forth. Nonetheless, it's all tasty; and a really great deal!

                                                                      Reservations a must if you want a seat.

                                                                      1. HONDURAS UPDATE: Bad news re El Katracho; upon arrival, a hand-scrawled sign was on the door saying "Cash Only." This restaurant normally takes plastic. "Cash Only" on the day of an event they know will be packed, like the World Cup, is a no-class skank maneuver. I had to leave my parking space and drive around Van Nuys looking for a B of A ATM (the generic ones at nearby gas stations were down at the time). Upon return nearly an hour later, all the tables had by then been taken. Eight or nine arrivals, including myself, waited at the "front desk," completely ignored by staff. There was no host, and the servers were swamped. El Katracho's management aspect for a ful house was clueless. Finally I just went and tried to find seating myself; a couple gentlemen had a spare chair at their table and let me sit with them. For what it's worth, the Hondureno clientele were warm, friendly folk. And my sopa de caracol (conch soup in coconut-base broth; fans of Thai tom kha kai take note) was yummy and filling. But the factor of a deejay, playing loud, thudding, techo dance music at intervals during the game – obliterating the sound of the game broadcast and annoying many patrons – was yet another example of El Katracho's managerial ineptitude. From this point forward the Honduran venue I will be supporting is Honduras Kitchen in Huntington Park; even though at this point the team is not making the playoffs.

                                                                        1. Now looking for a place to tomorrow morn's USA - Germany game. I'm afraid the tiny Euro Caffe right by my office, which has been my go-to venue so far, is way too small and will be overwhelmed. So I want someplace on the westside, from BH to SM, where I can eat and watch the game. Need to check with O'Brien's to see if they are opening early on Thurs.

                                                                          5 Replies
                                                                          1. re: Wayno

                                                                            I hate to even recommend but if you're considering O'Brien's in SM, you might as well head on over to either Barney's or the King's Head. Can't wholeheartedly recommend the food but it's passable bar fare and there will be tons of TVs and people cheering us on.

                                                                            1. re: hboy

                                                                              I prefer O'Brien's to both those places, mostly because I'm sort of a regular there and I do think its bar food is quite good as are the selection of spirits and beer. I watched one of the weekend games there, and it draws a good soccer crowd rooting for a variety of teams.

                                                                            2. re: Wayno

                                                                              Just called, and both BJ's and Barney's Beanery, both on Broxton in Westwood Village, will be open for the game this morning.

                                                                              1. re: nosh

                                                                                For last Thursday morning's USA v. Germany game, I wound up back at my usual spot, Caffe Euro in BH, but not without some advance prep work. I stopped by the previous afternoon and confirmed with the proprietor that he'd be open early in the morn. Turns out he always is. As for the game, it turns out that seating is not first come, first serve, nor is it based on reservation. Since the café is so small - maybe 15 seats at two-tops and a couple counter stools - he warned me the day before the game that the best seats, up front, would be for his "loyal customers of 12 years." He then said, "you are in the next level" and would be able to sit toward the rear or at the counter. So, when I showed up well before kickoff on Thurs morning, there were still many open seats. I put my stuff down at a two-top in the second row and walked to the espresso bar. When I turned around, the owner pointed to my stuff and said "you can't sit here." He then pointed me to the counter, but then when someone near the back vacated a table before the game began, he said I could move there. His honesty and frankness was actually both entertaining and not off-putting, and I enjoyed myself among the B-list crowd (and, in fact, the A-list crowd in the front 2 rows of tables consisted mostly older Italian gentlemen who no doubt frequent the place on a daily basis).

                                                                            3. I applaud your post. To add.....Hinano Cafe
                                                                              15 Washington Blvd. Park on Pacific....but don"t take my spot. Walk down. Stop and appreciate the Butterfly Sanctuary. Everyday of the week the World Cup is on at least 3 TVs. Carlos. Great Bartender.

                                                                              1. Great post! We've been watching the games at Terroni downtown- they have a screen up in the bar and cup specials during the games. If any hounds are down there tomorrow for our game look for me!

                                                                                1. COLOMBIA UPDATE: La Fonda Antioquena will not take reservations for their team's Cup games; first come first serve. Last game, the seating/dining hit capacity 1 hour prior to gametime. After that, new arrivals had to stand, hovering near the doorways. Allow at least TWO HOURS in advance to find street parking and to get in and be able to dine. Their menu features mainly stewed beef and chicken dishes; but also beef/chicken empanadas, rich-stocked soups, and thin grilled meats ("lomo") with sides of plain white rice and run-of-the-mill soupy pinto beans.

                                                                                  1. COSTA RICA UPDATE: The Costa Rica Restaurant in Anaheim is crazy for soccer! It is a dark, mid-size venue which caters to its ethnic community big time. Arrive 3 hours (yes, THREE) in advance in order to get a table or at least a seat, and to dine. The menu is entirely in Spanish, and several of the servers could not speak English. It is a limited/special menu for the Cup, and food is brought to you pretty quickly. Choices are around $8 and almost all are "gallo pinto" (rice & small beans cooked together, yummy, tasty and not overspiced) with your choice of another item: slice of beef, crackled pork, etc. For carnivores I recommend the sausage; for vegetarians, the cheese and/or eggs. The packed restaurant is a community epicenter/dancefloor/ party hole, so if you're squeamish or claustrophobic you should try to get seated near an exit. (Ha!) Oh yeah, $5 cover charge too. Free parking lot out front if you get there early enough. Nice clean area.

                                                                                    1. FRANCE UPDATE: Plenty of room at the Freres Taix (no need for early arrival), and also improvement on the TV situation since my main post of June 6. They now house three fine TVs, one of which is a plasma bigscreen. They're serving a limited/special morning menu of either hot breakfast (generous mound of herbed scrambled eggs with toast, juice, coffee, and choice of 2 strips bacon [yes] or 1 small lamb sausage link [no! ugh! salty and rank]), cold breakfast (fruits, croissant/muffin, juice and coffee), or room temperature breakfast (quiche, coffee, juice). All are $13.

                                                                                      Also, the Frenchstyle eatery La Poubelle, at 5907 Franklin Ave. in Hollywood, has Cup flags outside and is encouraging Cup viewing/dining. However, the venue is not known for drawing the L.A. French community, nor its soccer fanatics; mostly just the local young "entertainment industry" types. You'll have to cruise around to find street parking and if you do on Bronson, beware the hidden bike cops who ticket for jaywalking. I don't mean to diss La Poubelle; it could be worth a shot.

                                                                                        1. re: TailbackU

                                                                                          ARGENTINA UPDATE: Just that El Morfi will be opening 8 a.m. for their team's 9 a.m. game(s). Hard to say what the turnout will be, so I recommend getting there at 8.

                                                                                          Closest non-metered parking is in the city garage behind the venue. Enter on Orange Street.

                                                                                          1. re: TailbackU

                                                                                            ARGENTINA UPDATE: A bona fide Argentine expat has recommended the following two venues: Buenos Aires Grill, at 8856 Corbin Ave. in Northridge (get a reservation at this stage in the game! 818 772-5552); and the Argentine Association of Los Angeles, at 2100 N. Glenoaks Blvd. in Burbank. (The latter is a cultural multipurpose facility, not a bar/restaurant; but the informant claimed that food would be available.) Unlike all the other venues in my list, I have not personally vetted these two; so cannot vouch for them for sure.

                                                                                            1. re: CCousteau

                                                                                              ARGENTINA UPDATE: Buenos Aires Grill in Northridge turned out to be a delightful venue in terms of décor/environment; plus the cuisine is good (and far superior to El Morfi in Glendale). However the service ranges from lame to ridiculous, so, uh, "be prepared!" As Argentina is in the final, get a reservation if possible; if not, arrive an estimated 3 hours in advance to get a seat for this particular game. Plenty of free parking as it's located in a big outdoor shopping mall with a big lot.

                                                                                          2. SWITZERLAND UPDATE: Now in the later stage, an advance reservation is extremely recommended for any hopes of getting a seat at Chalet Edelweiss: 310 645-8740

                                                                                            1. The final day of the World Cup, i.e. the big championship game, is Sunday, July 13. I made a boo-boo in my original post. It definitely goes thru July 13th (not the 12th).

                                                                                              1. UPDATE RE THE VENUE "1739 VERMONT PUBLIC HOUSE": They surprised all the patrons who packed their house for the big (and sadly final) U.S.A. game 2 days ago with a new "$5 cover charge." GREEDY SKANK MANEUVER!! I won't be patronizing 1739 Public House anymore when they inflict a cover charge. Be apprised they may pull that again for the big final championship game on July 13; or any other event where they expect to be at capacity.

                                                                                                1. ARGENTINA UPDATE 7/9/14: (see above)

                                                                                                  1. GERMANY UPDATE: Alpine Village hasn't been having their regular menu for the games, but instead a very generous warm buffet plate of bratwurst, Polish, hot wings, seasoned fried spuds and mixed vegies, with fresh fruit on the side. It is an excellent bargain at only $9.

                                                                                                    Tons of large-screen TVs set up; you'll have no problem being able to see.

                                                                                                    Beware an obnoxious MC/dj they've got working there; who does costume contests and keeps trying to get the already-loud crowd to "make some noise!!!".

                                                                                                    To get a seat for the big final, I suggest arriving at least 2-1/2 hours ahead of gametime; which is 12 noon.

                                                                                                    Unfortunately their fab balcony is currently closed for alleged remodel. Dang, my favorite place to sit. :-p

                                                                                                    1. NETHERLANDS UPDATE: Whereas The Springbok draws Dutch fans, beware it also draws fans of their competitors (LoL) from the Americas. Therefore don't be surprised if Brazilheads are there side-by-side with the Hollanders, cheering their respective teams on for the "bronze" match on Saturday.

                                                                                                        1. While there were champions on the field (Argentina, Netherlands, Germany), there were winners off the field too, in terms of our local venues which promoted viewing the games. Here's my list:

                                                                                                          BEST MEAL – a tie between Café Brasil (Brazil) and Natas (Portugal)

                                                                                                          BEST SERVICE – a three-way tie between Ulysses Voyage (Greece), Trattoria Bella Roma (Italy) and Natas (Portugal)

                                                                                                          BEST SEATING/VIEWING – Freres Taix Lounge (France)

                                                                                                          WORST SEATING/VIEWING (LoL) – La Poubelle (France)

                                                                                                          BEST FOR KIDS – Alpine Village (Germany)

                                                                                                          BEST FOR GALS – a tie between Gonpachi at the Miyako-Hybrid Hotel (Japan) and Freres Taix Lounge (France)

                                                                                                          MOST FRIENDLY AND GROOVALICIOUS CROWD – the Cat & Fiddle Pub (England)

                                                                                                          BEST MEAL DEAL – Alpine Village's $9 Cup combo plate

                                                                                                          BEST BAR ELEMENT – Red Lion Tavern (Germany)

                                                                                                          EARLIEST ARRIVAL NEEDED – Ye Olde Kings Head (England)

                                                                                                          NO NEED TO RUSH – Traktir (Russia), and Freres Taix Lounge (France)

                                                                                                          TRULY IN NEED OF ITS OWN ETHNIC VENUE IN L.A., SOMEBODY COULD OPEN ONE AND MAKE A FORTUNE – Netherlands

                                                                                                          *** <SMILE> ***

                                                                                                          4 Replies
                                                                                                          1. re: CCousteau

                                                                                                            And a recap! Thanks for this fabulous post! :DDD


                                                                                                            1. re: Dommy

                                                                                                              You're welcome, Dommy! You are amongst the ones who make it all worth it! :-DDD

                                                                                                            2. re: CCousteau

                                                                                                              If there were a Golden Ball, or a Golden Boot, for CH posters, it would be awarded to you.

                                                                                                              1. re: Wayno

                                                                                                                Dear Wayno, huge thanks from Miss Cousteau!

                                                                                                                I was new to Chowhound for this, i.e. signed on just to do this World Cup report. Hence I wouldn't know what other CH posts are like...I'm sure there are many fine ones...but classy words of acknowledgment mean the most. That class is you. :D

                                                                                                            3. FINAL WRAP-UP: Another soccer World Cup is now under our belts. I have had an absolute blast, immersing myself amongst L.A.'s ethnic gatherings and partaking in their world of food; from Northridge in the north, to Torrance in the south. I did not miss a single day's game over the entire month. (And I came out of it 8 pounds heavier, yikes!)

                                                                                                              Despite the ethnic factor, it was Team USA which my heart rose for, and broke when we went down. We played terrifically, making it to the second round. USA has a lot to be proud of.

                                                                                                              Thanks to all Chowhounders who read this thread. Double thanks to you fine ones who posted your replies! Your participation affirms for me that someone is actually "listening." A big embrace to our Team USA; and HUGE thanks to the country & people of Brazil, who pumped their hearts & souls into hosting this World Cup. Their open & expressive love of all things soccer is profound.

                                                                                                              And oh yeah, congratulations Germany.

                                                                                                              See y'all in 2018 in Russia!

                                                                                                              But fortunately there's another World Cup only 11 months away. The WOMEN'S Cup begins June 6, 2015, and will be held all over Canada!

                                                                                                              The official poster for it prominently displays a caricature of a big-eyed owl with eyelashes. The Hooters jokes will run rampant. Agh!

                                                                                                              I actually like female soccer better than the male version (probably because I am a chick). The play is amazing. Although it is not as massive in attendance as the mens', the emotion and enthusiasm for it is remarkable – and contagious. Next spring I will post on Chowhound a similar viewing/dining guide for the ladies' game. The number of venues around L.A. on my list promoting the WWC will be a lot more scaled down compared to the mens', which makes the trekking a bit easier to deal with (and less expensive, LoL). And here's a head start: don't bank on Ye Olde Kings Head in Santa Monica, as in the past they've been oblivious to the WWC. (That includes even their female waitresses!) However, here's a good one: a venue which packs 'em in for the WWC is Lucky Baldwin's Trappiste, 1770 Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena. Grab a Blackthorn on tap...and their fish & chips are excellent!!