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Jun 6, 2014 03:35 PM

lunch and dinner itinerary with 11 y.o. DS

We will be renting a flat in Knightsbridge for a week mid-June. DH and I are former New Yorkers who love good food, DS will eat a variety, but not sandwiches, no sauces or dressing. He is well mannered in restaurants, but a very light eater. I am outlining our dining options now. Nothing worse than an overtired child and parents and no food in sight and no options available! Chowhounds have been very helpful in getting this far! In other travels, tapas and small plates often work well.

Monday: arrive from the US at flat around 11.
Coffee and a light snack on Brompton Road: Cafe Valerie?). Go to Film Museum for Bond Exhibit
Lunch: EAT or Great Queen St. Restaurant
Market at Wainbridge on Motcomb St. or M&S near Covent Garden for breakfast and snacks, Paul's for fresh bread and Pastries
Dinner: Le Metro on Basil St. (3 minutes from flat)

Lunch near British Museum Great Queen St. if we didn't make it on Monday or British Tavern or Moti Mahtal
Afternoon in Greenwich
Dinner: take away from market in Greenwich, or Ottolenghi or go out to Manoush

Tower of London, St. Paul
Lunch; Cafe Spice Namaste
Museum of London, walk through a Park or Tate Museum depending on weather in afternoon
AfternoonTea ?
Dennis Severs Museum 6-7
Dinner: Dishroom or Poppies

Tour of Westminster Abbey, Changing of the Horse Guards, Banqueting Hall
Lunch: j. sheekey, Barrafina, Boca di Lupo
2:30 Tour of the Royal Opera House
Dinner: Hedone (reservations made, they say they will accommodate DS who eats variety, but without sauces, etc..a little concerned)

Noon tour of Harry Potter Studio with DS. What to do about lunch?
DH at Apsley House and National Gallery. lunch at NG
Afternoon Tea: The Wolseley?
7:30 theater
Late quick supper (babysitter with DS): L'Atelier Joel Robuchon

Tour of House of Parliament. Open afternoon

Sunday: Meeting London friends with their DS for lunch.
Dinner: Take out or Eberly Wine Bar
Pack for early departure next morning

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  1. Have a look at the more recent discussions on this board and I think you'll find a lot of great ideas. Here's a recent link you might find useful, for instance: Put "House of Parliament" in the search feature & you'll find several recent posts - I just checked :). I'm relatively new to the area but I've found so many wonderful leads here meandering by topics. I also search by type of food I like. Best wishes for a fabulous trip!

    1. You really want two Indian meals on Wednesday?

      I've never had tea at the Wolseley so can't comment but can highly recommend the one at the Montcalm Hotel near Marble Arch. I loved it. I think their choices are on the website.

      My grandchildren (about the age of DS) love dim sum. Maybe try Pearl Liang's... very good place or a Chinese dinner or lunch?

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      1. re: zuriga1

        Love the idea of Montcalm hotel with its children's tea...Thank you for the suggestion.

        No, we don't want two indian meals in one day, which is preferable, Cafe spice namaste or Dishroom? Any other suggestions near tower of London?

        For chippies, is Golden Hinde or Poppies better?

        DS loves chinese food, I am particular from traveling to Hong Kong for many years.. Pearl Liang's isn't that close our flat or tourist sites, is it?

        St. John's Smith Square restaurant is near Westminster Abbey, so that may work, found it while doing a further search as suggested.

        Terroirs in Whitehall would be near Houses of Parliament, and DS loves charcuterie (I would like the wine).

        1. re: bawc

          I didn't even know the Montcalm had a children's tea. I must remember that when the family are in London come August. I just know the food was really good compared to other teas I've had here.

          Dishoom is much more a casual place and Cafe Spice is not fancy, but it's more of a restaurant. For me, I liked Cafe Spice better as I had a duck dish that was out of this world. My husband who is British has eaten a lot of Indian food over the years and really enjoyed it, too.

          I'm a former Westchester, NY person and find that getting around London is very easy and I don't worry about a short Tube ride. It's true that Pearl Liang is not close to the tourist sites and if you spoiled by trips to Hong Kong, then maybe other places will suit your needs better.

          You can't go wrong with Terroirs.

        1. Does your Friday theater plan involve DH? If so I recommend MATILDA at the Cambridge Theater.

          Kopapa is across the street from the theater and is quite pleasant although the style may be more elaborate than DS' taste allows.

          Kopapa doesn't reach the heights of Opera Tavern (great charcuterie platters) or Polpo, both of which are also in the Covent Garden area.

          I'm struck by the combination of large lunches and dinners -- plus frequent snacks/tea -- you're considering. Is that your realistic plan or simply aspirational?

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          1. re: Indy 67

            Eating plans are purely aspirational! Actually, we often order small plates, or appetizers, but a sit down rest for lunch is restorative. These are the outlines of a plan, but nothing is written in stone.

            We saw Matilda last year on Broadway. We are seeing Skylight at the Wyndham theater. DS is not joining us, but will be doing the tour of the Opera House, and loves charcuterie, so maybe Opera Tavern would be a nice option.

          2. Lunch at EAT on Monday seems like an odd choice if your son doesn't eat sandwiches. Eat is fine as a sandwich shop goes (it's a chain) but I wouldn't rush there. You could try Machiavelli on Long Acre if you want something relatively light.

            Westminster isn't great for food - there's a cafe in there that's open to the public but it's not amazing. You may be better to head over to the South Bank after, which is a nice walk on a sunny afternoon, and has some decent chain restaurants and places you could get lunch after the House of Commons.

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            1. re: BritInDC

              Thank you for the recommendation of Machiavelli, it looks nice. EAT has hot pots and soups which DS will eat, but I am happy for this alternative!