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Jun 6, 2014 03:01 PM

East Riverside - Time Critical!

Not familiar with this area, and don't have time for research. Need a good sit down restaurant within a mile or two. Honduran, El Salvadoran, Mexican. What's the best? Is El Zunzal still open at 7th and Pleasant Valley?

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  1. El Zunzal is still open to the best of my knowledge. Taco More is very good on the south side of Riverside. El Taquito has some good tacos. There is Taqueria Arandas which has been remodeled. Good food.
    Not far from that area is Rainey St. And of course E. 6th and 5th. of I35 has East Side King trailers everywhere.
    I'd say you're in good shape.

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    1. re: crippstom

      Thanks for the rapid response, crippstom.......I'd love to go to E Side kings, but we need a sit down place with AC! Seems like there was a place on Burleson that everyone was raving about a few years ago.

      1. re: rudeboy

        That might be El Meson which only does breakfast and lunch. They have a pricier one on S. Lamar next to the Horseshoe.

    2. El Azteca on 7th St., Contigo(never been)looks like a cool place.

      1. Well, false alarm. I was almost there, yet negotiations got the better of me. We're staying in to dress up some frozen pizza and have a salad. It's a Red Baron Pizza. And yesterday's hamburger patties and a can of mushrooms just emerged.

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          actually, the only thing that changes is the time-critical part. We will end up at El Zunzal within the next day or so unless there's a better option.

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            Do try El Meson if you're looking for lunch. Excellent & old school. I haven't tried El Zunzal in years. The first couple times didn't do it for me. Eagerly awaiting your report!

            1. re: storefronteats

              I haven't been to El Meson in ages. Don't know why. The food is excellent,homemade tortillas,open kitchen, killer salsas and modest pricing.

              1. re: crippstom

                I'll get there as soon as I can, crippstom.

          2. re: rudeboy

            An update on the Red Baron Four Cheese Pizza (because I'm sure that you are all dying to know what happened). I drained the can of mushrooms and squeezed them in paper towels about four times until most of the water was out. "Rehydrated" with balsamic. Seasoned the beef with paprika and salt. Julienned onions on top, and then added more mozzarella. Cooked on convection mode at 450. Wanted fennel, but didn't have any.

            It was a goddamned good pizza, even by restaurant standards.

          3. The Taqueria Arandinas is on Riverside and Burton (or it may be called Tinnin Ford or Elmont on that side of the intersection). It's across the street from the Taco More but is much better in my (maybe not popular) opinion.

            Sometimes a small chain has a particular location that really shines and the Riverside location of Arandinas is that location.

            Also, you if you want something in the area not so Latin American, don't forget about the excellent and reasonably priced 888 cafe on Oltorf.

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            1. re: Alan Sudo

              "Sometimes a small chain has a particular location that really shines and the Riverside location of Arandinas is that location."

              I like that notion. Sometimes, a good manager can make all the difference. I'll try and get my sis and her BF there. They do like 888, and being right around the corner, is an excellent option that I did not have on my radar, being in central american mode.

              Yesterday, I went to Taqueria Guadalajara on Burnet. The restrooms were clean, service a bit off, and the food.....just okay. I think that they are using substandard eggs. The upside was that my four and six year old kids ate nopales. I told them after the fact that they ate cactus. They were horrified - but then we went swimming under the 360 bridge and all was okay. Good day yesterday.

            2. I will say that I found a wonderful little store - Apple Mart @ SE corner of Pleasant Valley and Riverside. A full carniceria, plus fresh vegetables and decent beer and wine prices. Check it out. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions, you all.