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Large number of large scallops?

I'm defrosting a package of frozen, large "dry" sea scallops. Maybe 8 or 10. It occurs to me that I have not cooked that many at once before. I have tended to sear and sometimes oven-finish them in smaller quantity as a protein aside for risotto or the like.

Any recipes that make good use of a large number of scallops? Maybe a soup? Anything Thai or Indian?

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  1. I've been on a vatapa kick lately. You easily subsitiute scallops for the shrimp.

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      What an interesting suggestion. I'll investigate. Never heard of it. I googled a bit, and it appears to have many variant forms. What recipe do you employ?

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        I've been using a variation of Norman Van Aken's from his cookbook. I've omited the dried shrimp, as they can be difficult to find. The other ingredients as I recall are:

        Fresh ginger
        Scotch Bonnet (you can get away with any fresh hot pepper)
        Orange Juice
        Bay leaf
        Coconut Milk (Coconut cream adds a bit more richness)
        Ground nuts - He calls for peanuts and cashews. I've also used macadamia

        You can make up the broth in advance, then add your fish at the last minute. He also uses chicken in his in addition to the shrimp.

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          I actually do have dried shrimp, too, as a Thai cooking aficionado.

    2. Do you mean you have 8 or 10 scallops, or that they are 8-10 ct.? I don't really view 8-10 as a large number. I was expecting you to say you had 50 of them!!

      I haven't seen large scallops big enough that 8-10 wasn't more than a serving and a half or two. I like them skewered, brushed with oil, sprinkled with sea salt and grilled. Fast, easy peasy!

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        I have 8-10 large individual scallops. That's twice or more what I usually east between my son and self. We could eat that much protein, but it just isn't our norm.

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          Got it. Can you defrost half of the package? I buy frozen and they come in a resealable package.

          (I realize this probably too late since your original post says "I'm defrosting", but thought I'd suggest it anyway.)

        1. Use a few for ceviche

          Scallops can overcook very easily in soup and turn into gummy eraser texture.... Although a spring pea soup with a few seared scallops added in the center just before serving could be nice.

          1. My absolute favorite way to fix scallops is a bound breading with tons of clarified butter and fresh lemon.

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                  well thank YOU miss researcher. you are a real wunderkind.

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                    Borderline gifted, actually.

                    You're welcome!

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                    This is it, lingua food... but I like to use freshly made breadcrumbs. They get nice and buttery-crunchy.

                    My recipe actually came from the 70s Joy. Scallops Meuniere , I believe they call it.

              1. I love adding scallops to my seafood pasta (and since I usually only get 3-5 for the two of us, I often quarter them).

                I still like them to have a bit of a nice sear, so I tend to make them first, then put aside on a plate while making the "sauce", which is really just olive oil & butter, slivered garlic & some hotness (whatever floats yer fancy), and white wine. Toss with your favorite pasta and shrimp -- those go in last, of course. Cherry tomatoes or diced yellow or orange pepper are nice in this, too. Don't forget the basil.

                Now I'm craving seafood pasta, which I likely won't have for another month. Dayang.

                ETA: I realize now that it's 'only' two of you as well..... that's a big dish o' pasta and a LOT of scallops. Maybe take Ttrockwood's advice and turn a few of them into ceviche for an appetizer. Or carpaccio.

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                  Just wondering, are you saying that you get the big scallops and then cut them up for seafood pasta? Why not just get the smaller (and cheaper) calico/bay scallops? Or do those taste different?

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                    Wegmans rarely has bay scallops, and I do prefer the flavor of sea scallops.

                    I also often sear them whole and just place them on top of the pasta, with just the shrimp mixed in. All depends on my mood.

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                      my husband prefers bay scallops but we don't see them but rarely. i was also told by a seafood market that most of the "bay scallops" sold in grocery stores and the like are in fact from china.

                      i think the bay and sea scallops taste different. maybe it is more that the texture is meatier with the sea scallops, and that affects my perception of taste. that said, i think the bay scallops are "sweeter" than the sea scallops. the same is true of smaller shrimp versus larger shrimp. (I learned that from my mom years ago, when she chose smaller shrimp for her shrimp creole).

                  2. Cut in half and wrap those bad boys in bacon and place in the oven. Serve with warm maple syrup.

                    1. I had a lot of fun with a lot of scallops about a year ago. I also had a lotta fun discussing what to do with our kind fellow 'hounds. Maybe there's some ideas in it for you as well:


                      1. risotto!

                        chinese recipe for scallops (slice them in half, laterally) http://chinese.food.com/recipe/garlic...

                        there is an indian dish i ADORE called simply "mustard shrimp", but it would be fabulous with scallops (quartered, i'd suggest). this recipe is similar, but i'll keep looking for the perfect recipe. http://www.thespicehouse.com/recipes/...

                        1. OP here: I went with the vatapá suggestion by mike0989. Truth to tell, I didn't like it, but I think it was my fault. I followed this recipe, mainly:


                          First, the scallops, while okay, where not super-fresh anymore. I think I used too much dried shrimp. I omitted scallions, not having them. Also, I had on hand a bag of peanuts that were unsalted but also untoasted, and the recipe leaves vague whether the nuts should be roasted. So I gave them a sort of half-assed toast--split the difference, you know.

                          Working too fast before going on a trip, I was not as scrupulous as one could have done well to be. Won't keep me from another try. Thanks, everyone, for all the great ideas.

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                            Sorry it was a miss for you. A couple of differences I'm noting in Saveur's, and NVK's. They are using bread which I don't think is necessary. NVK has OJ in his and it definitely adds a little something extra. The other item I neglected was cilantro which he adds at the end. That's one of the problems with going by memory instead of looking it up.

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                              Sorry that it didn't work out. I've been there Bada Bing. Sounds like a complicated preparation to undertake in a hurry.....Hopefully, you have some more in the freezer.

                              I had some beautiful scallops recently and prepared them two ways: 1) clarified butter, salt, and sage. Removed sage and singed to brown on each side in the sage butter; and 2) a shmear of green curry paste (may ploy) on all sides and essentially stir frying. I know that the latter is cheating, but there's no way I can make a curry paste as good as may ploy.