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Jun 6, 2014 02:46 PM

need chinese takeout suggestions

its friday and i'm craving chinese food. any suggestions for good takeout near UTC?

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  1. I've lived in University City my entire life and the only Chinese take out I get is Dumpling Inn. Your only option in UC is Hong Kong Chef, which does have some merit (ipsedixit will kill me for saying that), but I personally enjoy Dumpling Inn above the other options for Chinese in San Diego. It's off Convoy which is only about a ten minute drive. Note I recommend this place for takeout because the wait will be awful pretty much any time after opening until four or so and again at dinner.

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      How is Shanghai Cafe (by the Regents Road Von's)? I have lived within a 1/4 mile of that place for close to 10 years on and off, and I think have only eaten there once (maybe about 12 years ago). It was OK, but there must be a critical mass of return customers if they've been open all this time.

    2. I agree with nopico that you'll have a tough time satisfying this craving if you don't want to drive a bit. Also agree that Dumpling Inn would be a good choice.

      I'll suggest Chef Chin as well, also on Convoy, but be sure to order from what they call their "Chinese" menu (as opposed to their "American" menu).

      1. Depends on what you want.

        My first choice might be Liang's with a close second being Lai Chen, but that's just cuz of the Tie-Whan-Knees mood I'm in.

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          Hmmm...looks like you pulled a fast one on the spell checker.

          You spelled "because" wrong.