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Jun 6, 2014 01:23 PM

Dinner in Cannes or surrounding area

My DH and I will be spending a short vacation in Provence area. I will be in Nice a week before for work, so will be meeting with DH at Nice for a night before training over to Avignon.

His flight will land at 3pm in Nice. We won't have a lot of time and I dont want to make this too rush. We will be staying at Cannes (not changeable, staying with points at Hyatt).

Given that, where should we go for dinner? I'm thinking either Villefrance, or Eze?
Any specific restaurant? Does not need to be fancy


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  1. Last summer we had a wonderful (no-choice) meal at la Table du Chef in Cannes (5 rue Jean Daumas). We'd go back in a flash were to be in the area again.

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      When I worked in Cannes, our fave dine-outs were always in Mougins, or Biot, or Le Haut de Cagnes. All 3 are beautiful villages so near the coast but without the coast bling. OK, Mougins has a bit of Cannes bling, as it is more a suburb of Cannes than a real village. All three have a surprising concentration of good eateries. For addresses of restaurants there, one can look up the many recommendations on the villages on this board.
      Villefranche is a beautiful spot where I always go, for a pilgrimage to NellecĂ´te, not for the food really.

    2. You do not say when you will be in the South of France, but assuming it is this summer, I would not advise heading toward Villefranche or Eze from Nice for dinner. You are going in the wrong direction from Cannes (i.e. east from Nice) and will have a long (over an hour) and traffic-heavy drive westward after dinner. This is the last thing you want after a (hopefully) relaxing (and wine-accompanied) meal with your DH. (You don't want to risk a bumper-bunp after having imbibed. Every driver involved, whether culpable or not, will be breathalized.)
      Make your way toward Cannes, and either dine somewhere which is but a short detour on the way, or settle in Cannes, then go out for a walk, a drink and then dinner.

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        Completely agreed, and that's why the 3 towns that I recommended are all much closer to Cannes.